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  • 30-Nov-2016

    Co-Parenting During the Holidays

    The greatest wish of many children of divorce during the holidays is that Mom and Dad will get back together. Even though the sad truth is that this probably is not going to happen, you as responsible parents can cooperate, and make the holidays as ...
  • 23-Nov-2016

    Surviving Difficult Conversations About the Election this Thanksgiving

    Are you worried about political disagreements ruining family time this Thanksgiving? Lois was recently interviewed by Vogue and gave some tips on how to keep things civil with family members over the holidays. Here's a snippet of her advice from ...
  • 16-Nov-2016

    Is Your Spouse Cheating On You?

    Do you lie awake at night and wonder? Do you have a feeling in the pit in your stomach most of the time? You know something is not quite right, but you can’t put your finger on it. Do you think your spouse is cheating? Are you afraid to ask? Do ...
  • 18-Oct-2016

    To Trick or Treat?

    TO TRICK OR TREAT? What divorcing/divorced parents can do so Halloween isn’t a nightmare! When you got divorced did you discuss Halloween as part of your visitation schedule? Probably not. After all it’s not Thanksgiving, Christmas or ...
  • 12-Oct-2016

    Are you thinking of pulling the plug on your marriage?

    Courtesy of HBO Sarah Jessica Parker’s new show “Divorce” on HBO which aired on October 9 th introduces us to Frances (Parker), a corporate headhunter with two children. She is an unhappy, middle-aged, and a disconnected woman ...
  • 6-Oct-2016

    Engagement Season is here!

    ENGAGEMENT SEASON IS HERE! Are you thinking about your dress? flowers? the cake? What about your prenuptial agreement? Newly engaged couples everywhere are starting to plan their perfect wedding. Many are focused on sharing the big news with family ...
  • 22-Sep-2016

    When Should You Ask For Sole Physical Custody of the Children?

    WHEN SHOULD YOU ASK FOR SOLE PHYSICAL CUSTODY OF THE CHILDREN? On Tuesday we heard the sad news that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt after twelve years together, and two years married. The papers file in Los Angeles cited ...
  • 16-Sep-2016

    Is Your Spouse A Sociopath?

    You would be very surprised to learn that psychological problems plague many divorcing couples today, and they don’t even know it. That is until now! When you look at the complex issues that infect families like verbal and physical abuse, ...
  • 25-Aug-2016

    Are you a Divorcing Stay-at-Home Mom?

    There are many women who married young or gave up lucrative careers to have children once they were married. They often spend most of their marriage helping to support and in some cases build their husband’s careers/businesses in the best ...
  • 1-Aug-2016

    What Determines The Length And Amount of Spousal Maintenance?

    There are many issues that must be handed when a couple decides to file for divorce. One issue that many divorcing couples are forced to deal with during the divorce process includes spousal maintenance, which is the money paid to a spouse following ...
  • 12-Jul-2016

    Common Mistakes in High Net Worth Divorces

    Divorce is never easy, but divorces involving large amounts of money, property, and other assets are even more challenging. In addition to the types of issues present in typical divorces, such as spousal and child support, child custody, visitation ...
  • 11-Jul-2016

    8 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

    With wedding season upon us, it is important for couples to consider creating prenuptial agreements before walking down the aisle. While some people look upon prenuptial agreements negatively, it should be understood that they are designed to protect ...
  • 17-Jun-2016

    Who Pays for a Child's Summer Camp When Parents are Divorced?

    When summer comes around, many children are interested in attending summer camps with their friends, youth groups, or classmates. In addition, many parents with children take interest in such camps when they are required to work full-time hours and ...
  • 17-Jun-2016

    Questions About Summer Vacations with Shared Children

    When children who attend school are released for summer vacation, parents’ schedules change greatly. Although these summer schedules can greatly differ for any family, divorced parents with shared children may suffer many more anxieties and ...
  • 5-May-2016

    Protecting Your Business in a Divorce

    Your business is likely one of the most valuable assets you own – the product of countless hours of work and a huge amount of resources. You’ve nurtured it and grown it into what it is today, so it belongs to no one but you and your ...
  • 29-Mar-2016

    Navigating the Divorce Process: Know Your Options

    If you are contemplating a divorce in New York, you know that this isn’t a decision you should make hastily. It is important to know your options as well as the various ways in which you can achieve your end goal. It is also equally important ...
  • 1-Mar-2016

    Divorce And Taxes: What You Need To Know!

    As a divorce attorney, many of my clients were trying to end their marriage as 2015 ended, and for others, they started divorce proceedings as the New Year began. I encourage everyone to understand that divorce has tax ramifications. You need to be ...
  • 24-Feb-2016

    3 Effective Ways to Working Out Custody Arrangements Amicably

    As a New York family law attorney, mediator, and psychologically trained medical professional, I regularly counsel fathers and mothers going through divorce who are considering a custody action. Often these concerned parents have a fair amount of ...
  • 11-Feb-2016

    Why Do Divorce Rates Sky-Rocket in February?

    Although most people believe February’s most important date is the 14 th, when chocolates and gifts are exchanged between lovers, a recent study has shown that divorce has become increasingly popular during the month of February. In fact, data ...
  • 21-Jan-2016

    Proposals & Prenups: How Can a Lawyer Help?

    Many couples are eagerly preparing for a romantic Valentine’s Day. Many couples will get engaged on Valentine’s Day like pop star Lady Gaga and actor Taylor Kinney did last year. Suddenly everyone is swept away by love, planning a ...
  • 13-Jan-2016

    Why is January Known as "Divorce Month?"

    In our previous blog, we discussed why the New Year can be a good time for a fresh start if you have been considering divorce. For a variety of reasons, many people choose to wait until the start of the New Year to begin divorce proceedings, making ...
  • 30-Dec-2015

    Thinking About Divorce in 2016?

    It’s that time of year when we are about to sip champagne and ring in the New Year. The celebrity buzz is Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert of country music stardom have called it quits and their divorce will be well underway in 2016. Couples ...
  • 1-Dec-2015

    Divorcing? Children? Holidays? Oh, No!

    When you are a divorce attorney, inevitably holiday time for clients and their families is turbulent and for some, very unhappy. Where do the children spend Thanksgiving? Who gets Hanukkah? What about Christmas? New Years? Even though your divorce is ...
  • 19-Nov-2015

    Child Custody in New York: How Does it Work?

    Types of Child Custody In New York, child custody matters fall under the jurisdiction of the state. There are two types of child custody: legal and physical. Legal custody allows a parent to make important decisions for a child’s life, ...
  • 2-Sep-2015

    Divorce Check List!

    Divorce affects every aspect of your life so choosing the right attorney to help navigate you through a successful divorce is key. Once you have selected the right attorney, the next step is to properly prepare for the first meeting. Make a list of ...
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