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  • 2-Aug-2021

    Divorce Story

    As a divorce attorney, and psychologically trained mediator, I hear all kinds of diverse divorce stories. I have decided to share some of these stories monthly with you. Naturally, I will change the names and some of the details to protect the ...
  • 30-Jul-2021

    Beware! Don't Sign That Prenuptial Agreement Until...

    Don’t sign that prenuptial agreement until you have an experienced family law attorney review what you are signing. Be sure to get what you are entitled to, not just what is important to your fiance! Many couples are getting married now that ...
  • 28-Jul-2021

    Are You Sure Your Spouse Is Paying the Taxes?

    As a psychologically trained divorce attorney and meditator, I have handled thousands of cases over the last 35+ years. I have had many lightbulb moments. What spouses can do to ruin a marriage may surprise you. So let me share a story with you that ...
  • 26-Jul-2021

    Need Help With Your Divorce?

    As a divorce attorney and psychologically trained mediator, I have spoken with many sad, angry, conflicted spouses over the last two years during the ongoing pandemic. Being locked up together wreaked havoc on many marriages. Spouses spoke up, acted ...
  • 23-Jul-2021

    Are You Married to a Narcissist?

    Aren’t we all slightly narcissistic? The answer is, “Yes.” There are various healthy traits of narcissism in many of us. But then there is the actual diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder. As a psychologically trained ...
  • 21-Jul-2021

    Uncontested Divorce in New York!

    As a divorce attorney and mediator for over 35 years, I have guided many spouses through the divorce process. New York law allows couples to obtain an uncontested divorce when both parties agree to the divorce as well as agreeing to spousal support, ...
  • 19-Jul-2021

    Divorce for Business Owners!

    Divorces for people who own businesses are different from those of wage earners. First of all, businesses often have cash income which is not declared on tax returns. This makes it difficult to estimate or trace the cash. Businesses are assets, ...
  • 16-Jul-2021

    If I Divorce Will I Get Spousal Support?

    As a divorce attorney and mediator for over 35 years, I have received lots of questions about divorce. There are so many issues that must be handled when a couple decides to file for divorce. One issue that many divorcing couples are forced to ...
  • 14-Jul-2021

    Is It Time to Fire Your Divorce Attorney?

    If your attorney is not doing a good job, it’s time to kick him or her to the curb! Why did you hire your divorce attorney? Whatever the reason, if you are not happy with your divorce lawyer, and they’re not doing a great job for you, ...
  • 12-Jul-2021

    Divorce Story!

    As a divorce attorney and psychologically trained mediator, I hear all kinds of diverse divorce stories. I have decided to share some of these stories monthly with you. Naturally, I will change the names and some of the details to protect ...
  • 9-Jul-2021

    Is Verbal Abuse Destroying Your Marriage?

    We see all kinds of abusive relationships in the news but do you know many marriages end today because one party is dealing with mental health issues that result in abusive behaviors that destroy marriages? Today a person facing divorce Googles ...
  • 7-Jul-2021

    Internet Influencers to IT Gurus Love Mediation!

    Since I have been practicing over 35 years as a divorce attorney and mediator, I have had an amazing array of clients, and most recently from internet influencers to IT gurus. Regardless of a client’s position in life, the 3 P’s of ...
  • 5-Jul-2021

    Need Help With Your Statement of Net Worth?

    As a divorce attorney/ mediator for over 35 years, I have seen many clients look scared when I hand them a Statement of Net Worth. The good news is there is nothing to fear, and I’m here to help! I find that most clients hate filling out their ...
  • 2-Jul-2021

    What Should Be Included in Your Prenuptial Agreement?

    Wedding season is in full bloom. I have been getting lots of phone calls from hopeful lovebirds asking all kinds of questions about prenuptial agreements. From what I’m hearing as a prenuptial agreement maven, divorce attorney, and mediator, ...
  • 30-Jun-2021

    Financial Savvy for Divorcing Women!

    Now more than ever, women need to take control of their finances. Women in bad marriages are suffering and struggling to find a financially secure way out! Many women have traditionally left their financial futures in the hands of their husbands. ...
  • 28-Jun-2021

    How to Divorce a Sociopath!

    As a psychologically trained divorce attorney and mediator for over 35 years, I have helped many spouses escape the clutches of a psychopathic partner. Divorcing a sociopath is not easy! But it is possible. Let me help you… Psychopaths tend to ...
  • 23-Jun-2021

    How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce!

    When couples marry and have children and build a future together, they don’t think divorce will be part of the process, but sadly for many it is! For children, watching or living in a combative environment can be very unhealthy. Sometimes a ...
  • 20-Jun-2021

    Divorce Story!

    As a divorce attorney and psychologically-trained mediator for over 35 years, I hear all kinds of complex divorce stories. I have decided to share some of these stories monthly with you. Naturally, I will change the names and some of the details to ...
  • 18-Jun-2021

    Divorcing? Do You Need Help Dividing Your Property?

    When a marriage ends, there are many difficult decisions to make, including fair division of property. When a couple can work together using my unique mediation process, they can decide in a peaceful environment how to split property, manage debts ...
  • 16-Jun-2021

    Tips to Peacefully End Your Marriage in the Age of Coronavirus!

    Getting divorced has been the last thing spouses have wanted to think about in this past year in the midst of losing jobs, facing illness, stock markets fluctuating, routines being disrupted and deciding on how to school your child safely. But ...
  • 14-Jun-2021

    Can I Divorce a Spouse With a Personality Disorder?

    Yes, you can! And in many cases you should! If you are suffering in a marriage, being ridiculed, shot down, living in a hostile environment, made to feel less than, you need to save yourself, and get a divorce! As a psychologically trained divorce ...
  • 11-Jun-2021

    Divorcing? How Will You Handle Child Custody and Visitation?

    Divorce is messy and difficult. It’s even more stressful and emotional when children are involved! Once a couple with children decides to divorce, they have a lot to consider with regard to the children. For example, they have to decide who ...
  • 9-Jun-2021

    Since the Pandemic More and More Couples Are Choosing Mediation!

    It’s time to harness the power to manage your own divorce with my groundbreaking psychologically-infused divorce mediation method that approaches divorce both with head (legal) and with heart (emotional). The divorce industry is plagued with ...
  • 7-Jun-2021

    Mistakes to Avoid in a High Net Worth Divorce!

    Divorce is never easy, but divorces involving large amounts of money, property, and other assets are even more challenging, like that of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who filed in February. In addition to the types of issues present in typical ...
  • 4-Jun-2021

    Did You Know a Postnuptial Agreement Can Save Your Marriage?

    Wedding season is upon us and many couples are blissfully walking down the aisle! All of these couples will be walking down the aisle with love in their hearts and visions of forever! But as a divorce attorney/mediator for over 35 years, sadly I know ...
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