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  • 5-Mar-2021

    Are You Finally Ready to Leave Your Marriage?

    You may have been living in an unhappy marriage and just didn’t have the courage to do anything about it. It's easy to keep putting it off because you know it will be unpleasant. But now, after struggling through a pandemic for the past ...
  • 3-Mar-2021

    Do You Need Help Divorcing an Addict?

    Spouses faced with addiction being a third party in their relationship generally find divorce as their only way out. As a psychologically- trained medical professional and divorce attorney, I have a unique approach to guiding couples through divorce ...
  • 1-Mar-2021

    Do You Need a Parenting Agreement?

    Even with both parents living in the same home, co-parenting during COVID-19 has been a big challenge. Now, in addition, consider co-parenting during a separation or divorce. This process is even harder. But you will get through it, and I’m ...
  • 26-Feb-2021

    What Women Need to Know to Financially Prepare for Divorce!

    There are over 10 million female-owned businesses in America. These companies are generating more than $2.5 trillion. Now more than ever, women need to take control of their finances. With the pandemic these female-owned businesses are struggling and ...
  • 24-Feb-2021

    Do You Want to Fire Your Divorce Attorney?

    If you are unhappy with your divorce attorney, you should consider it! Why did you hire your divorce attorney? An impressive legal background? Great reviews? A family referral? Whatever the reason, if you are not happy with your divorce lawyer, and ...
  • 22-Feb-2021

    Lois Brenner's Divorce Advice!

    Divorce is traditionally a painful process, but it doesn’t have to be anymore! To help you with your divorce goals, I’m sharing my suggestions for protecting yourself, your family, and your finances. As a psychologically-trained divorce ...
  • 19-Feb-2021

    Divorcing? To Fight or Not to Fight?

    When considering divorce couples are usually familiar with going to court and fighting. More and more couples are learning there are more peaceful options. People ask me more about the difference between “litigation” and ...
  • 17-Feb-2021

    Divorcing? Will You Get Spousal Support?

    As a divorce attorney and psychologically-trained mediator for over 35 years, the question of spousal support comes up often in connection with a divorce. Does someone need, and are they entitled to, spousal support (formerly "alimony") for ...
  • 15-Feb-2021

    Divorce Mediation Matters to Millennials!

    The millennial generation, born between 1980-2000, are enthusiastically embracing divorce mediation. Millennials are different from Generation X and Baby Boomers. They are tech savvy, play well with others, collaborative, and not afraid to ask others ...
  • 12-Feb-2021

    Are You Getting Engaged on Valentine's Day? Consider a Prenuptial Agreement!

    Valentine’s Day is Sunday! Traditionally, many couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day! Being an attorney in the field of family law for more than 35 years, I expect that some of the Valentine’s Day engagements will end in ...
  • 10-Feb-2021

    Is Your Spouse Paying the Taxes?

    It’s that time of year again. Dreaded tax time is around the corner! For those getting a divorce, taxes are the least of their worries. But let me share a story with you that will open your eyes and make you think twice. Last year after ...
  • 8-Feb-2021

    Are You Looking for a "Gray Divorce?"

    A Gray Divorce refers to a demographic trend that has seen an increase in the separation or divorce of older couples who have been married for a long time. Divorce rates for couples over 50 have doubled in the past decade. These divorces affect ...
  • 5-Feb-2021

    Can a Legal Separation Help Couples Struggling During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

    Since the beginning of 2021 I have spoken with many couples who are really struggling with their marriages and looking for solutions and a fresh start. These couples are sad, confused, and not quite sure what path to take. They often say, “I ...
  • 3-Feb-2021

    Dads Are Much More Than Just Child Support Payments!

    When a married couple goes through a divorce, one of the most contested issues is often their children. As a psychologically-trained mediator and divorce attorney for more than 35 years, I’ve seen countless custody disputes. For many years, ...
  • 1-Feb-2021

    Surviving Divorce as a Stay-at-Home Mom!

    Are you wondering how you are going to survive financially if divorce comes knocking at your door? I received a phone call over the weekend from a devastated spouse who said, “I can’t believe it, I have been married, I thought happily for ...
  • 29-Jan-2021

    Is a Narcissistic Spouse Destroying Your Life?

    As a divorce attorney and psychologically-trained mediator, I uniquely guide couples, especially those with behavioral problems, towards dignified divorces. Many of the couples I work with complain that narcissism is an unhealthy third party in their ...
  • 27-Jan-2021

    I Want a Divorce. Should I Leave The Marital Residence?

    The answer is, “No!” I tell clients never to leave their home (or hardly ever). Making this move can work against you when divorcing if not properly strategized. I often hear from clients that once divorce is on the table it is extremely ...
  • 25-Jan-2021

    Divorcing? Try Divorce Mediation During the Pandemic! It will Save You Money, Time and Pain!

    As a divorce attorney and psychologically-trained mediator, I am juggling tons of emails and phone calls from clients divorcing and spouses thinking of divorcing during the coronavirus pandemic. These couples’ issues began way before the ...
  • 22-Jan-2021

    Am I Entitled to Part of the Family Business in My Divorce?

    Divorce is no doubt an emotional nightmare, but it is also a financial and legal separation of a couple and their family. When considering divorce, spouses have a lot to consider financially like budgets, assets, property, and retirement accounts. ...
  • 20-Jan-2021

    Warning: Don't Sign That Prenuptial Agreement Until...

    Don't sign a prenuptial agreement until you have a family law attorney review what you are signing. Be sure to get what you are entitled to! Many couples got engaged over the holidays. Often, a couple about to enter a marriage will go to an ...
  • 18-Jan-2021

    Don't Make A Divorce Mistake!

    When people decide to divorce it is usually in the whirlwind of heightened emotion. People are not always thinking rationally in this mindset. I often caution clients not to be reactive when thinking about divorcing. I suggest they stop, think, and ...
  • 15-Jan-2021

    Is It Time to Divorce Your Addicted Spouse?

    Spouses faced with addiction being a third party in their relationship generally find divorce to be their only way out. As a psychologically-trained medical professional and divorce attorney, I have a unique approach to guiding couples through ...
  • 13-Jan-2021

    What to Do When Your Spouse Wants a Divorce!

    It is not unusual for a spouse to hear with no warning from the other that they want a divorce. There can be a lot of factors influencing a partner to come to this decision. It could be another woman or man, a midlife crisis, psychological issues, or ...
  • 11-Jan-2021

    5 Things You Need Know About Child Support!

    As a divorce attorney/mediator for over 35 years, I have guided many spouses through the maze of child support. Making sure a child is supported financially is an important component of the divorce process. 1. What is Child Support? Child support is ...
  • 8-Jan-2021

    7 Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating!

    Do you lie awake at night and wonder? Do you have a feeling in the pit of your stomach most of the time? You know something is not quite right, but you can’t put your finger on it. Do you think your spouse is cheating? Are you afraid to ask? Do ...
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