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  • 3-Feb-2023

    Unhappy in Your Marriage? Deciding Whether You Should Separate or Divorce?

    Thinking about separation or divorce? Whatever direction you choose, I’m here to answer all your questions, keep you on track, and help you meet your goals! With decades of experience as a divorce attorney and mediator, I have been successfully ...
  • 1-Feb-2023

    Don't Become a Divorce and Tax Horror Story!

    Yes, it’s that time of year again as we gear up to deal with our taxes! For those getting a divorce, taxes are probably the least of their worries, but taxes and divorce are not always as straightforward as one might think. As a divorce ...
  • 30-Jan-2023

    Trapped in a Bad Marriage? We Have Solutions!

    Thinking about divorce? Is your spouse hiding money, mentally unstable, cheating, or abusing you? Or perhaps you are in agreement with getting a divorce and you just need a “voice of reason” to guide and protect you in the process? As a ...
  • 27-Jan-2023

    Wondering if You Are Entitled to Spousal Support?

    As a divorce attorney and mediator for more than 35 years, I hear this question from nervous spouses all the time. “Will I get spousal support? How long will it last? Will I be able to have the same lifestyle I had while I was married?” ...
  • 25-Jan-2023

    Were You Served With a Summons for Divorce? Call Me!

    As a divorce attorney and psychologically trained mediator for over 35 years, I receive calls all the time from frantic spouses saying, “I’ve been served with a summons for divorce, what do I do?” I first tell them to breathe! Then ...
  • 23-Jan-2023

    Do You Need Help Telling Your Spouse You Have Had Enough and Want a Divorce?

    A high profile TikTok influencer called me to ask for my help on how to tell her spouse she wanted a divorce. Her husband had grown distant. He was barely holding a job anymore and spent no time with the children. He was drinking a lot and would ...
  • 20-Jan-2023

    Are You Getting Engaged on Valentine's Day? Thinking About a Prenuptial Agreement?

    Valentine’s Day is definitely the most romantic day to pop the big question. The atmosphere sets the tone to take that beautiful ring out of your pocket, profess your love, and hope to spend a lifetime together. Getting engaged on ...
  • 18-Jan-2023

    Don't Know Where Your Spouse Is? You Can Still Get Divorced!

    If you want a divorce but you don’t know how to locate your spouse, Divorce by Publication is your answer! In New York, the legal system requires that you make every effort to find your spouse in order to get a divorce. As a seasoned divorce ...
  • 16-Jan-2023

    Need Help Divorcing Your Addicted Spouse?

    Spouses faced with addiction being a third party in their relationship generally find divorce to be their only way out. As a psychologically trained medical professional and divorce attorney, I have a unique approach to guiding couples through ...
  • 13-Jan-2023

    Did You Know a Postnuptial Agreement Can Be a Great Alternative to Divorce?

    Some couples think divorce is the only way to solve marital issues, but as a psychologically trained divorce attorney and mediator, I often recommend a postnuptial agreement as a healthy alternative to resolving marital issues, especially for couples ...
  • 9-Jan-2023

    Divorce Mediation Can Change Your Life in 2023!

    I often tell my clients going through a divorce, the only predictability in life is change. We all dread and reluctantly develop coping mechanisms for managing the inevitable change that is part of being human. In order to make good use of the curve ...
  • 6-Jan-2023

    Is It Time to Divorce Your Divorce Attorney?

    All divorce attorneys are not created equal. I receive calls all the time from unhappy spouses who are not happy with the non-performance of their divorce attorney. Some of them feel their lawyer doesn’t know what he/she are doing, and others ...
  • 4-Jan-2023

    Are You Tired of Being Controlled by a Bully in Your Marriage?

    During a recent phone consultation, I spoke with a woman in her early 30s who tearfully explained she had lost control over her life. Her husband of 5 years had insisted she have a child right after they married, give up her career and insisted she ...
  • 2-Jan-2023

    Which Divorce Path Will You Choose in the New Year?

    It’s a new year and many spouses who have been thinking about divorce are taking their first steps towards making divorce a reality. This is not an easy decision and you need the right attorney/mediator to educate you and provide the ...
  • 30-Dec-2022

    Did You Know an Alarming Number of Men Are Abused by Their Wives?

    As a psychologically trained divorce attorney/mediator for over 35 years, I have helped many women in abusive relationships, but I’ve also helped abused men too! Men abused by their wives are entitled to be believed, heard and helped. A man ...
  • 28-Dec-2022

    6 Tips to Reduce the Effects of Divorce on Your Children in the New Year!

    Divorce is very difficult and an especially confusing time for children. Couples often get caught up in their own anger, drama, and the messy divorce process, the desire for revenge and the division of property and finances. But, who is looking out ...
  • 27-Dec-2022

    6 Signs You Are Ready to Get Divorced!

    Not sure you want a divorce, but you’ve been thinking about it? Need some guidance on how to make the right decision? As a highly skilled, psychologically trained divorce attorney and mediator, I can help you with that decision and provide you ...
  • 23-Dec-2022

    Is a Narcissist Ruining Your Life?

    You may ask yourself, “How did I get here? Why did I let this happen to me?” What was I thinking?” The answer is you were seduced by a narcissist’s charisma and cunning tactics. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The best ...
  • 21-Dec-2022

    Do I Need an Attorney if I Am Mediating My Divorce?

    As a psychologically trained divorce attorney and mediator, I am uniquely skilled as both an attorney and a mediator. When I am wearing my mediator hat and guiding a couple in the mediation process I sometimes suggest spouses consult with an ...
  • 19-Dec-2022

    Are You Looking for a n Uncontested Divorce In New York?

    As a psychologically trained divorce attorney and mediator for more than 35 years, I have guided many spouses through the divorce process. New York law allows couples to obtain an uncontested divorce when both parties agree to the divorce as well as ...
  • 16-Dec-2022

    Divorce Story

    As a divorce attorney and psychologically trained mediator, I hear all kinds of diverse divorce stories. I have decided to share some of these stories monthly with you. Naturally, I will change the names and some of the details to protect the privacy ...
  • 14-Dec-2022

    Managing Money in Your Divorce!

    Money for most of us is an emotionally charged topic. That’s why few of us, and few couples like to talk about it. When couples come to see me and are considering a divorce, money can actually be, yes, even more than infidelity, what is driving ...
  • 12-Dec-2022

    Are You Entitled to Rehabilitative Maintenance?

    As a psychologically trained divorce attorney and mediator, it is my responsibility to inform clients of what they are entitled to when considering a divorce. Women, in particular, don’t realize they may be entitled to rehabilitative ...
  • 9-Dec-2022

    How Do You Co-Parent During the Holidays?

    Civilly and happily! Remembering your children and their happiness comes FIRST! As a seasoned, psychologically trained divorce attorney and mediator, I have worked with many parents during and after divorce and I always remind parents that it’s ...
  • 7-Dec-2022

    Should I Get A Divorce Attorney When Divorcing A Narcissist?

    The answer is Yes! And preferably one that has psychological training. That won’t be easy to find. Lucky for you I am a psychologically trained divorce attorney and mediator. Narcissism is a particular area of interest for me. I can spot a ...
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