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  • 10-Aug-2020

    What You Need To Know About The Divorce Process

    As a divorce attorney and mediator, I am often asked about the divorce process. After all, most of the time when a spouse calls me for a consultation, it is the first time they are getting divorced. As part of my consul­­tations, I try to ...
  • 7-Aug-2020

    Who Can You Trust With Your High Net Worth Divorce?

    Divorce litigators want you to think your complex or high value estate divorce can only be fairly resolved by courtroom litigation. This is false. In fact, spouses with high net worth have a great deal to gain via mediation, as well as much to lose ...
  • 5-Aug-2020

    4 Dont's - If You Want Custody

    Getting custody of your children when divorcing can be a challenge. Most courts prefer a shared or joint custody arrangement. When a spouse wants sole custody, I often tell them that they will have to show having sole custody will be in the best ...
  • 3-Aug-2020

    Thinking of Divorce During This Turbulent Time?

    Divorce is not something you planned for when you walked blissfully down the aisle. Imagine also having to manage your family and finances during this turbulent time surrounded by a pandemic. If you are thinking of divorce, now more than ever, ...
  • 31-Jul-2020

    3 Tips for Managing Divorce Anxiety

    Yes, divorce anxiety is a real thing! Divorce conjures up all kinds of stress, and fear! As a psychologically-trained medical professional and divorce attorney, I can spot divorce anxiety right away. I often see the symptoms before my clients do. Why ...
  • 29-Jul-2020

    Litigation? Mediation? Which Path Will You Choose?

    There are two ways to get divorced in New York. One is litigation, the old traditional way in court. Both parties hire an attorney and they fight it out. The other path is the new, more progressive process of mediation. An attorney/mediator guides a ...
  • 27-Jul-2020

    Choose Mediation!

    Did you Know You Can Divorce Without Lawyers? It’s time to harness the power to manage your own divorce with my groundbreaking psychologically-infused divorce mediation method that approaches divorce both with head (legal) and with heart ...
  • 24-Jul-2020

    7 Signs Your Spouse is Hiding Assets

    When a client comes to see me to discuss divorce, it is not unusual for me to hear I think my spouse is hiding assets. I have no idea what assets we have, or where they are. What do I do?” I advise couples getting married to pay attention to ...
  • 22-Jul-2020

    8 Tips to Reduce the Effects of Divorce on Your Children!

    Divorce is very difficult and an especially confusing time for children. Couples often get caught up in their own anger, drama, and the messy divorce process; the desire for revenge and the division of property and finances. But, who is looking out ...
  • 20-Jul-2020

    Divorce Story!

    As a divorce attorney, and psychologically-trained mediator, I hear all kinds of diverse divorce stories. I have decided to share some of these stories monthly with you. Naturally, I will change the names and some of the details to protect my ...
  • 17-Jul-2020

    Are You Entitled to Rehabilitative Maintenance?

    As a divorce attorney and mediator it is my responsibility to inform clients of what they are entitled to when considering a divorce. Women, in particular, don’t realize they may be entitled to Rehabilitative Maintenance. For those of you who ...
  • 15-Jul-2020

    The 3 P's of Divorce Mediation! Positive, Productive & Peaceful

    For over 35 years I have served the NYC area as a psychologically-trained divorce attorney and mediator. After witnessing the pain of many couples day after day, I decided to develop a unique mediation process to address divorce in a more humane and ...
  • 13-Jul-2020

    What Women Need to Know to Financially Prepare for Divorce!

    There are over 10 million female-owned businesses in America. These companies are generating more than $2.5 trillion dollars. Now more than ever, women need to take control of their finances. Women are more financially successful than ever before! ...
  • 10-Jul-2020

    5 Signs Your Spouse has a Personality Disorder!

    As a psychologically-trained divorce attorney and mediator, I receive many calls from spouses who talk about their marriages that are filled with drama, hostility, verbal abuse, and high intensity. When I hear some of these descriptions, I often ...
  • 8-Jul-2020

    Top 5 Reasons to Have a Prenuptial Agreement

    If there is anything we have learned during this pandemic (besides vigorous hand washing), it is the amazing power of technology. We are fortunate to live in a digital age where information is at our fingertips. We can easily plan anything from our ...
  • 6-Jul-2020

    I Want a Divorce. Should I Move Out?

    The answer is usually, “No!” I tell clients never to leave their home. Making this move can work against you when divorcing if not properly strategized. I often hear from clients that once divorce is in the air it is extremely difficult ...
  • 3-Jul-2020

    How to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce!

    A player from a major league baseball team called my office and scheduled a phone consultation. His wife seemed to have bipolar disorder and/or depression. He had tried to cope with it for many years, especially as he was on the road a lot, but he ...
  • 1-Jul-2020

    What to Do When Your Husband Wants a Divorce!

    It is not unusual for a wife to all of a sudden hear from her husband that he wants a divorce. There can be a lot of factors influencing a partner to come to this decision; another woman, a midlife crisis; and sometimes financial difficulties. ...
  • 29-Jun-2020

    I am a Dependent Spouse. Do I Have to Pay My Legal Fees?

    I had a new client last year who was terrified when she called me. She was married to a very rich philanthropist who was extremely controlling. He liked to control everything, from his money, to his businesses, to her. In spite of their enormous ...
  • 26-Jun-2020

    Are You Wavering About Your Divorce?

    It's a big decision. You've been thinking about it for a long time. Should I? Shouldn't I? Yes, I really should. But what will it mean? How do I tell my spouse? These are the questions I often hear from people who consult with me. Usually ...
  • 24-Jun-2020

    5 Things You Need to Know About Child Support!

    What is Child Support: Child support is financial support provided by the noncustodial parent. It includes cash payments based on the parent's income and the needs of the child,health insurance, payments for child care, and payments for ...
  • 22-Jun-2020

    Nannies to Nobility Love Mediation!

    Since I have been practicing over 35 years I have had an amazing array of clients from nannies to nobility. Regardless of a client’s position in life the 3 P’s of Mediation is appealing to all - Positive, Productive, and Peaceful. About ...
  • 19-Jun-2020

    Will I Receive Spousal Support?

    I’ve been speaking with a lot of spouses recently who are concerned about whether or not they will receive spousal support. It is a fair question. There are many issues that must be handled when a couple decides to file for divorce. One issue ...
  • 17-Jun-2020

    Litigation vs. Mediation: To Punish or Not to Punish?

    When considering divorce clients are usually familiar with going to court and fighting. More and more clients are learning there are more peaceful options. These days, during consultations clients ask more about the difference between ...
  • 15-Jun-2020

    Divorce Story

    As a divorce attorney, and psychologically-trained mediator I hear all kinds of diverse divorce stories. I have decided to share some of these stories monthly with you. Naturally, I will change the names and some of the details to protect my clients. ...
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