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  • 22-Jan-2020

    Is Your Spouse Spying on You?

    Do you ever feel like you are being watched? Well, maybe you are. I have had clients share with me their suspicions, and no they weren’t paranoid, they were correct. Even though you trust your spouse, do you know if they trust you? I had a ...
  • 20-Jan-2020

    3 Tips to Settle a Child Custody Dispute

    As a seasoned family law attorney, mediator, and psychologically-trained medical professional, I regularly counsel mothers and fathers going through divorce who are considering a custody action. Often these concerned parents have a fair amount of ...
  • 15-Jan-2020

    What is Equitable Distribution?

    Upon divorce, marital property in New York State is supposed to be divided equitably. It is not an "equal" or automatic 50-50 distribution between spouses, as it is in community property states like California. Marital property is property ...
  • 13-Jan-2020

    10 Signs You are in a Verbally Abusive Relationship!

    Many people who come to me for a consultation have no idea that they are in a verbally abusive relationship. They know that something is wrong, but they can't put their finger on it. As a psychologically-trained divorce attorney I can identify ...
  • 8-Jan-2020

    Is Your New Year's Resolution to Separate or Divorce?

    If it is, I’m here to keep you on track and help you meet your goal! Did you know Monday, January 6 this year was dubbed “Divorce Day”? This was the day people returned to work and decided they had enough, wanted out of their ...
  • 6-Jan-2020

    Do You Need a Postnuptial Agreement?

    Some couples consider a prenuptial agreement when they are getting married. But what if you weren’t one of those couples? Is it too late once you’ve been married to put something in place to address some of the important issues in the ...
  • 30-Dec-2019

    Tips to Divorce-Proof your Relationship in the New Year!

    New Years is right around the corner. Traditionally, many couples get engaged on New Year’s Eve. Being an attorney in the field of family law for more than thirty-five years, I expect that some of the New Year’s engagements will end in ...
  • 23-Dec-2019


    Even if you are not quite ready to get divorced, or know someone who might be, you need to be informed and Financially Smart. Deciding to Divorce is a complex process. Deciding how easy or difficult the process will be depends on you and how your ...
  • 20-Dec-2019

    The Pros and Cons of Sole Custody of the Children!

    As a psychologically-trained divorce attorney and mediator it is unusual these days to see one parent asking for the sole physical custody of the children. I recently met with a client who was insisting on this. This type of request can sometimes be ...
  • 18-Dec-2019

    Did you Know you can Divorce Without Lawyers?

    Divorce? Oh no! We’ve all heard the horror stories from friends, newspapers, blogs and tabloids. The typical divorce can be a nightmare, and everybody loses. Except, maybe, the divorce attorneys, who get paid for their time while divorcing ...
  • 11-Dec-2019

    5 Tips for Co-Parenting During the Holidays!

    The greatest wish of many children of divorce during the holidays is that Mom and Dad will get back together. Even though the sad truth is that this probably is not going to happen, you as responsible parents can cooperate, and make the holidays as ...
  • 9-Dec-2019

    What is a Statement of Net Worth?

    When divorcing, a Statement of Net Worth is that annoying financial form your attorney/mediator sticks in front of you and says, “Fill it out!” You look at it, start sweating, and think, “Oh no! Where do I start?” I find that ...
  • 2-Dec-2019

    4 Tips for Handling Divorce Anxiety During the Holidays!

    Yes, divorce anxiety is a real thing. As a psychologically-trained medical professional and divorce attorney, I can spot divorce anxiety right away. I often see the symptoms before my clients do. Why wouldn’t divorce be stressful? There are so ...
  • 27-Nov-2019

    Lois Brenner's New York Divorce 101!

    When did you start thinking about divorce? Was it because of finances, fighting, infidelity, control issues, social media postings, or did you simply fall out of love? Couples don’t just wake up one day and decide they want a divorce. A lot of ...
  • 25-Nov-2019

    4 Tips to Avoid Divorce Disaster!

    Litigation sucks! No doubt. I try to help clients avoid it whenever possible. But sometimes it’s the only way to have a spouse sit up and listen. But make no mistake, if you are not mentally aware and legally prepared your divorce can be a ...
  • 21-Nov-2019

    Is Social Media Killing Your Marriage?

    When a young woman called me and said, “Social Media Killed My Marriage,” I told her I wasn’t surprised. More and more this is a chief complaint and cause for divorce. Couples don’t realize social media networking ...
  • 19-Nov-2019

    Are You Living with a Controlling Spouse?

    My new client seemed very anxious and started twirling her hair around her finger. She started by telling me that she was very concerned because her husband kept separate bank accounts and he was cutting down on the “spending” money he ...
  • 13-Nov-2019

    My Separation Agreement Checklist!

    Are you thinking of Divorce? Well, you’re not alone. With 40%-50% of all marriages ending in divorce this is not as uncommon as you think. An important part of the divorce process is developing an agreement you can both live with. An agreement ...
  • 11-Nov-2019

    Could your Spouse be Bipolar?

    A divorcing couple came to see me for mediation. The husband had significant outstanding credit card bills. He also drank quite a bit. The wife wanted a divorce and they had one child. Whenever we had a meeting, the husband dominated the meeting, ...
  • 6-Nov-2019

    5 Signs you are Married to a Psychopath!

    As a divorce attorney I meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. I have found many clients don’t always realize the kind of person they are married to. For example, some clients are married to someone with a character disorder and they ...
  • 4-Nov-2019

    10 Signs your Spouse may be Cheating!

    Do you lie awake at night and wonder? Do you have a feeling in the pit of your stomach most of the time? You know something is not quite right, but you can’t put your finger on it. Do you think your spouse is cheating? Are you afraid to ask? Do ...
  • 29-Oct-2019

    Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets?

    When a client comes to see me to discuss divorce it is not unusual for me to hear “I think my spouse is hiding assets. I have no idea what assets we have, or where they are. What do I do?” At many of my seminars, I advise couples getting ...
  • 22-Oct-2019

    5 Signs You are in an Unhealthy Relationship!

    As a psychologically-trained divorce attorney I can often spot the signs of an unhealthy relationship even before my clients do. My advice in some cases is to seek therapy, in others I strongly suggest they consider divorce. If you see yourself ...
  • 15-Oct-2019


    You would be very surprised to learn that psychological problems plague many divorcing couples today, and they don’t even know it. That is until now! When you look at the complex issues that infect families like verbal and physical abuse, ...
  • 8-Oct-2019


    Are you thinking about your dress? Flowers? The cake? What about your Prenuptial Agreement? Newly engaged couples everywhere are starting to plan their perfect wedding. Many are focused on sharing the big news with family and friends over the ...
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