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  • 16-Sep-2020

    Getting Engaged? Should you Have a Prenup?

    How exciting!! You are probably already dreaming about your dress, the venue, flowers, and tasting cake. (The cake I chose for my wedding was a chocolate cake with white butter cream frosting and chocolate geometric designs from William Greenberg in ...
  • 14-Sep-2020

    Is Your Spouse Cheating on You?

    Do you lie awake at night and wonder? Do you have a feeling in the pit in your stomach most of the time? You know something is not quite right, but you can’t put your finger on it. Do you think your spouse is cheating? Are you afraid to ask? Do ...
  • 11-Sep-2020

    Is Poor Mental Health Destroying Your Marriage?

    We see all kinds of abusive relationships in the news but do you know many marriages end today because one party is dealing with mental health issues that result in abusive behaviors that destroy marriages? Today a person facing divorce Googles ...
  • 9-Sep-2020

    5 Helpful Tips to End Your Marriage in the Age of Coronavirus

    Getting divorced is the last thing a couple wants to think about in the midst of losing jobs, facing illness, stock markets fluctuating, routines being disrupted, and deciding on how to school your child safely. But don’t let the coronavirus ...
  • 7-Sep-2020

    3 Tips for Dividing Property in Your Divorce!

    When a marriage ends there are difficult decisions to make including fair division of property. When a couple can work together using my mediation process, they can decide together how to split property, debts, and assets. When mediation is not ...
  • 4-Sep-2020

    Are You a Man in an Abusive Relationship?

    As a psychologically trained divorce attorney and mediator, I have worked with a few men in the last six months who all found themselves in very emotionally abusive, and sometimes physically abusive, relationships with their wives. The abuse was ...
  • 2-Sep-2020

    5 Tips for Choosing the Right Financial Advisor to Help With Your Divorce

    Choosing a financial advisor to assist while you are divorcing is a major life decision that can determine your financial future for years to come. As a divorce attorney and mediator, I have a team of experts to assist my clients with various aspects ...
  • 31-Aug-2020

    5 Signs You Are Married to Someone with a Personality Disorder

    Is your marriage surrounded by hostility, frustration, drama, and chaos? Are your efforts to improve the situation constantly ridiculed and shot down? As a psychologically trained divorce attorney and mediator, I can tell you there might be a lot ...
  • 28-Aug-2020

    For Millennials Divorce is a "Simpler" Affair!

    I have worked with quite a few millennial couples recently who have embraced their divorce with a maturity and dignity that is new to me. They enthusiastically embrace mediation because it is amicable, less expensive, and not quite as time consuming ...
  • 26-Aug-2020

    Co-Parenting During COVID 19 While Children Go Back to School

    Even with both parents living in the same home, co-parenting during COVID 19 has been a big challenge. Now consider co-parenting during a separation or divorce. This process is even harder. But you will get through it, and I’m here to help! ...
  • 24-Aug-2020

    Divorce Story!

    As a divorce attorney, and psychologically trained mediator, I hear all kinds of diverse divorce stories. I have decided to share some of these stories monthly with you. Naturally, I will change the names and some of the details to protect my ...
  • 21-Aug-2020

    6 Steps to End a Toxic Marriage

    Relationships that have unhealthy patterns like abuse, infidelity, addictions, and so on, are more common than you think. This is a serious problem, and its affects can be paralyzing. Lots of people on the outside often wonder why you stay in an ...
  • 19-Aug-2020

    7 Grounds for Divorce in New York

    During a consultation a spouse will often ask me about grounds for divorce in New York. There are seven grounds for divorce. Irretrievable breakdown was added in 2010 as a legal reason – making it possible for many more people to divorce. ...
  • 17-Aug-2020

    Is A Postnuptial Agreement Right For You?

    I met with a couple on Zoom recently who told me they wanted to know how a postnuptial agreement works. They decided a postnuptial agreement for their marriage of 15 years would be the perfect band-aid for their unhappy marriage. They weren’t ...
  • 14-Aug-2020

    BEWARE! It's Time to Divorce the Narcissist In Your Life!

    Aren’t we all slightly narcissistic? The answer is, “Yes.” There are various healthy traits of narcissism in many of us. But then there is the actual diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder. As a psychologically-trained ...
  • 12-Aug-2020

    Do You Need Help With Your Divorce Checklist?

    Divorce affects every aspect of your life. Asking questions important to you during your initial consultation with a divorce attorney/mediator is key to navigating your path to a successful divorce. Preparing for your divorce consultation is an ...
  • 10-Aug-2020

    What You Need To Know About The Divorce Process

    As a divorce attorney and mediator, I am often asked about the divorce process. After all, most of the time when a spouse calls me for a consultation, it is the first time they are getting divorced. As part of my consul­­tations, I try to ...
  • 7-Aug-2020

    Who Can You Trust With Your High Net Worth Divorce?

    Divorce litigators want you to think your complex or high value estate divorce can only be fairly resolved by courtroom litigation. This is false. In fact, spouses with high net worth have a great deal to gain via mediation, as well as much to lose ...
  • 5-Aug-2020

    4 Dont's - If You Want Custody

    Getting custody of your children when divorcing can be a challenge. Most courts prefer a shared or joint custody arrangement. When a spouse wants sole custody, I often tell them that they will have to show having sole custody will be in the best ...
  • 3-Aug-2020

    Thinking of Divorce During This Turbulent Time?

    Divorce is not something you planned for when you walked blissfully down the aisle. Imagine also having to manage your family and finances during this turbulent time surrounded by a pandemic. If you are thinking of divorce, now more than ever, ...
  • 31-Jul-2020

    3 Tips for Managing Divorce Anxiety

    Yes, divorce anxiety is a real thing! Divorce conjures up all kinds of stress, and fear! As a psychologically-trained medical professional and divorce attorney, I can spot divorce anxiety right away. I often see the symptoms before my clients do. Why ...
  • 29-Jul-2020

    Litigation? Mediation? Which Path Will You Choose?

    There are two ways to get divorced in New York. One is litigation, the old traditional way in court. Both parties hire an attorney and they fight it out. The other path is the new, more progressive process of mediation. An attorney/mediator guides a ...
  • 27-Jul-2020

    Choose Mediation!

    Did you Know You Can Divorce Without Lawyers? It’s time to harness the power to manage your own divorce with my groundbreaking psychologically-infused divorce mediation method that approaches divorce both with head (legal) and with heart ...
  • 24-Jul-2020

    7 Signs Your Spouse is Hiding Assets

    When a client comes to see me to discuss divorce, it is not unusual for me to hear I think my spouse is hiding assets. I have no idea what assets we have, or where they are. What do I do?” I advise couples getting married to pay attention to ...
  • 22-Jul-2020

    8 Tips to Reduce the Effects of Divorce on Your Children!

    Divorce is very difficult and an especially confusing time for children. Couples often get caught up in their own anger, drama, and the messy divorce process; the desire for revenge and the division of property and finances. But, who is looking out ...
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