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  • 5-Jun-2023

    Divorcing a Spouse With Mental Illness: What You Need to Know!

    Divorcing a spouse with mental illness can be a delicate, challenging, and emotionally complex process. It requires careful consideration and legal strategy and psychological understanding. We can help you with both! As a medically trained divorce ...
  • 2-Jun-2023

    A Comprehensive Guide: My 9 Most Asked Divorce Questions!

    Divorce is sad, frustrating, complex, and an emotionally challenging process that often raises numerous questions for those thinking of going through it. As a medically trained divorce attorney/mediator, I look at divorce through a unique lens of ...
  • 31-May-2023

    8 Tips for Outsmarting a Narcissist in Your Divorce!

    Divorcing a narcissistic spouse can be scary, emotionally challenging, and exhausting. Narcissists are known for their manipulative tactics and self-centered behavior, which can make negotiations and settlements particularly difficult when trying to ...
  • 30-May-2023

    Top 10 Reasons Why It Is Not a Good Idea to Do Your Own Divorce!

    Divorce can be a daunting and emotionally charged process. Many people consider handling their own divorce to save money or maintain control over the proceedings. However, attempting a do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce may not be the smartest decision for ...
  • 26-May-2023

    Getting Married? Here Are 8 Reasons You Need a Prenuptial Agreement!

    When it comes to marriage, love, commitment, and trust are undoubtedly the cornerstones of a successful union. However, it is equally important to consider practical aspects of marriage and to protect both parties' interests. This is why you may ...
  • 24-May-2023

    Are Mental Health Issues and Abuse Destroying Your Marriage?

    As a psychologically trained divorce lawyer/mediator, I have heard from countless frightened spouses, abused wives, and distraught, confused husbands. Mental health issues in marriages are on the rise and destroying couples and families. We see all ...
  • 22-May-2023

    Divorce Story!

    As a divorce attorney and psychologically trained mediator, I hear all kinds of diverse divorce stories. I have decided to share some of these stories monthly with you. Naturally, I will change the names and some of the details to protect the ...
  • 17-May-2023

    What Is a Wife Entitled to in a Divorce in New York?

    Divorce can be a challenging and emotionally charged process, and understanding your rights and entitlements is crucial. If you're a wife considering a divorce in New York, it's important to be aware of the specific rights and protections ...
  • 15-May-2023

    10 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating on You and What You Can Do About It!

    Discovering that your spouse may be cheating on you is a distressing and challenging situation. While signs of infidelity do not definitively prove they are cheating, they may indicate the possibility of an affair. As a divorce attorney/mediator, I ...
  • 12-May-2023

    Litigation? Negotiation? Mediation? Which Divorce Path Will You Choose?

    As a psychologically trained divorce attorney/mediator for more than 35 years, I have guided many spouses as they make the very important decision on getting divorced. I have shared with them that there are a few ways to get divorced in New York. One ...
  • 10-May-2023

    Social Media May Be Ruining Your Marriage!

    When a young woman called me and said, “Social media is ruining my marriage,” I told her I wasn’t surprised. Increasingly this is a chief complaint and cause for divorce. Couples don’t realize social media networking can be ...
  • 8-May-2023

    Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets in a Divorce?

    Divorce can be a difficult and emotional time for anyone, and it can become even more challenging when you suspect your spouse is hiding assets. As a divorce attorney/mediator, I receive calls all the time from spouses reporting their partner is ...
  • 5-May-2023

    8 Reasons to Say "Goodbye" to Your Divorce Lawyer!

    Every profession has wonderfully talented people. There will also be some professionals who are lazy, not assertive, or simply just not good at what they do. That’s just not good enough for you when it comes to your divorce attorney! As a ...
  • 3-May-2023

    Thinking of Divorcing a Bipolar Spouse?

    A couple met with me virtually during the pandemic. The wife was a shopaholic and had run up significant credit card debts during the pandemic. She was angry all the time and blew up at the husband and constantly yelled at the children. The husband, ...
  • 1-May-2023

    Why Celebrities and Chefs Should Consider Mediation When Divorcing!

    Divorce can be a difficult and emotionally draining process, especially for celebrities who have to go through it in the public eye. Many high-profile celebrity divorces have been publicized in the media, often involving legal battles and acrimonious ...
  • 28-Apr-2023

    My Advice on How to Protect Yourself and Prepare Properly to Divorce a Narcissist!

    Divorcing a narcissist can be an incredibly challenging, tiring, and emotionally draining experience. Narcissists have a deep-seated need for control, and they often refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. This can make it difficult to ...
  • 26-Apr-2023

    The Top 10 Reasons for Divorce and Why Marriages Fail!

    It’s Spring and lots of couples are getting ready to blissfully walk down the aisle, profess their love, and say, ‘I Do!” Marriage is a beautiful bond between two people who decide to spend their lives together, but unfortunately, ...
  • 24-Apr-2023

    Thinking of Divorcing a Spouse With an Eating Disorder?

    Eating disorders are complex mental health conditions that can have serious consequences for individuals and their relationships. While the physical effects of eating disorders are well-known, the emotional toll they take on those who suffer from ...
  • 21-Apr-2023

    Divorcing? What You Need to Know About Spousal Maintenance!

    Divorce can be a complicated and emotional process, especially when it comes to the financial aspects of separating from a spouse. One area that often causes confusion and disagreement is spousal maintenance, which is also known as alimony or spousal ...
  • 19-Apr-2023

    My 5 Spring Cleaning Divorce Tips!

    With the change of season comes the deep desire to start getting rid of the old and bring in the new. Cleaning out the closets, getting organized, opening up the windows, and airing out the house. It feels good!! For those of you thinking about ...
  • 17-Apr-2023

    Learn About Custody Options Where the Norm Doesn't Have to Be Every Other Weekend!

    The traditional custody arrangement in many divorce cases is for one parent to have primary custody while the other parent gets the child every other weekend. However, this arrangement doesn't work for every family. There are several custody ...
  • 14-Apr-2023

    My 5 Suggestions on How to Compassionately Divorce a Hoarder!

    Divorce is really messy, sad, and confusing and when one partner is a hoarder, it can add an extra layer of complexity and emotional distress. Hoarding is a mental health disorder that affects people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. It's ...
  • 12-Apr-2023

    A Postnuptial Agreement May Save Your Marriage! Learn More...

    A postnuptial agreement, also known as a postnup, is a legal contract between spouses that outlines the division of assets and liabilities in the event of divorce or separation. While prenuptial agreements are typically signed before the marriage, ...
  • 10-Apr-2023

    My List of Topics You Should Be Prepared to Discuss in Our Mediation Sessions

    Divorce mediation is a process that helps couples reach a mutually acceptable agreement on the terms of their divorce without the need for a trial or court intervention. Mediation puts you in the driver’s seat. As a psychologically trained ...
  • 7-Apr-2023

    8 Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating!

    As much as we wish to believe that our significant other would never cheat on us, infidelity unfortunately happens in many relationships. It can be devastating to discover that your spouse has been unfaithful, but it's important to be aware of ...
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