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When two parents file for divorce, whether the divorce is highly contested or amicably resolved through settlement negotiations, it may be necessary to address the issue of child support. Your children are not ending a marriage, which is why the court will focus on the needs and support of the children. Without properly addressing this issue with the help of a knowledgeable divorce lawyer, both children and parents can face repercussions, including financial pressures.

Calculating Child Support Payments in New York

Regardless of what your particular case may entail, it is important to understand how child support will be handled by the court if you and the other parent cannot come to an agreement on your own. In New York, the courts determine child support based on the Child Support Act (CSSA). First, they start by applying the percentage of combined parental income, depending on how many children are involved. Currently, these percentages are:

  • One child: 17%
  • Two children: 25%
  • Three children: 29%
  • Four children: 31%
  • Five+ children: 35%

Next, they allocate support between the parents based on their respective incomes. “Income” refers to gross income reported, or what should have been reported on the parents’ income tax returns. In some cases, the court may also impute income based on the parent’s resources, including gifts and employee benefits.

Aside from awarding basic child support, courts may also order awards for any applicable costs related to healthcare, child care, additional education, and possibly other extracurricular activities, among other justifiable expenses. It is important to ensure that you are represented by an experienced attorney so you do not overlook anything. Lois M. Brenner, Esq. and our team have been serving and protecting NYC families for more than 35 years.

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