Maintaining Your Health Insurance

There are many things to consider during divorce, and health insurance should be one of them. Having adequate health coverage is important, especially if you have children. When you work with our team at Lois M. Brenner, Esq., we can explain some of the health care options available when you are separated or going through a divorce. We have been serving and protecting NYC families for over 35 years.

Overlooking Your Health Needs Could Be a Costly Mistake

Divorce changes many things, but what it will not change is the fact that you and your spouse will continue to have concerns—not only about your own health, but also that of your children. And with those concerns comes the need to have adequate health benefits to cover your family members.

Overlooking your health needs can lead to costly mistakes in more ways than one, so if you are in the legal separation or divorce process, now is the time to look over all of your financial documents (health policies, life insurance, etc.). Talk this over with your legal counsel.

When a marriage ends, there are normally several options for acquiring health coverage for yourself and your children, regardless of who gets custody. Many times, it’s a matter of which option to pursue.

About the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is a federally mandated law designed to protect employees and their families from losing coverage as a direct result of divorce, death, job loss and other life circumstances. For example, if your spouse maintains coverage through a company, and that company employs at least 20 people, you may continue this coverage for up to one and a half or three years—provided you are willing to pay the premium or monthly fee.

Coverage Through Your Employer

If you are currently employed, and your employer offers an affordable healthcare plan that works for you and your budget or financial situation, then by all means see what it has to offer. Enroll if it fits your budget and meets you and your children’s medical needs. While years ago it may have been cheaper to get coverage under your ex-spouse’s policy, this may no longer be the case in today’s market and health care environment.

Coverage as a Part of Your Divorce Settlement

Ask, if you were to find your own health benefits, whether or not you can be compensated by your spouse for a portion or all of the cost in the divorce settlement if you need this financial assistance.

Purchasing Individual Health Insurance

In some cases, purchasing individual health insurance may be your only or best option. Once again, you may have to pay the monthly fee on your own, but you can find out what is available. Ready or not, divorce brings changes – some may be welcome, some not. But try not to let financial issues became a reason to stay in a relationship that no longer works, because it may be costly to the mind, body and spirit of everyone involved, including your children.

To learn more about your healthcare options, call us at Lois Brenner, Esq.: (646) 663-4546.

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