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Don't Be a Weiner!


Since the internet has become a regular part of our everyday lives, cyberspace has become a willing accomplice in online affairs, and the break-up of marriages. With every new online fad like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and so on, more and more spouses are wandering away from their real life marriages to a new cyber love.

With the recent Anthony Weiner Twitter fiasco, it’s time to recognize that carelessness, stupidity and a Twitter account can cost you a marriage. These social networks have become a real threat to everyone’s marriage. What you might not realize is if you let your fingers do the talking you might end up in a real life disaster. I recommend you first, “think, type and then tweet.” Better yet, learn how to use these vehicles properly or don’t hit send or tweet at all if you want to stay out of divorce court.

Don’t let Cyberspace threaten your marriage.

Set up some rules in your marriage for navigating social networks.

1) Keep your correspondence public, posting on “walls”. Don’t have private conversations, especially with the opposite sex;
2) Don’t badmouth your spouse publicly on-line, even in jest. Typing does not always translate the way talking does;
3) Don’t engage in intimate discussions about your spouse or marriage with an online buddy;
4) Be careful who you “friend”. Ask yourself, “would my spouse be comfortable with my friending this person?

Don’t jeopardize a relationship or a marriage with any online relationship that could potentially cause confusion or trouble.

Develop healthy boundaries when in cyberspace and online. Inappropriate relationships online have destroyed many a marriage. Don’t let it destroy yours!