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Information on High Value Estates and Divorce


Divorce litigators may want you to believe that your complex or high value estate divorce can only be fairly resolved by courtroom litigation. This is false.
In fact, spouses with high net value estates have the most to gain from the mediation process, and the most to lose from litigation in court! Everyone has heard the horror stories of divorcing couples spending years in family court, only to lose a substantial portion of their assets to attorneys’ fees and costs.
The dirty secret of divorce litigation is there is nothing you can do in “Litigation” that you cannot achieve during Divorce Mediation. “Divorce litigation in court” often comes down to two experienced litigators, on the eve of trial, who begin bargaining to avoid that trial. This is, of course, if you both are lucky enough to have chosen two-settlement minded attorneys. But why spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring two attorneys and fighting in court before coming to the “settlement table?”
Individuals going through divorce who have a high net worth often present unique sets of challenges. Some of the issues which may arise in these high net worth cases include the distribution of :

  • Professional licenses or degrees held (which offer increased earning potential)
  • Stock options, IRAs, 401(k) accounts and pensions
  • Trusts
  • Real estate / real property
  • Family businesses
  • Professional practices
  • Closely held businesses or complicated business transactions

You will benefit from my understanding of these complex financial issues and my proven success in high stakes litigation.

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