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A Better Way To Divorce in 2017!


Did you know January is Divorce month? Most couples who have been thinking about divorce tend to move forward in the New Year. They have struggled to make it through the holidays and now they want a fresh start. What most couples don’t know is that there is a BETTER WAY to divorce. It costs less money, it takes less time and it’s not adversarial (even if you are angry).


This type of divorce is a special blend of skilled legal strategy and psychology. This unique process is an exciting alternative to battling attorneys, slow court processing, outrageous litigation fees and disgruntled spouses.

Are you a candidate for this divorce process? Well, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you want to approach your spouse and discuss divorce in a calm and rational manner?
  1. Do you want to reach a divorce agreement that you will both be happy with?
  1. Do you want to engage in a divorce process that focuses on the “people”

and not just the process?

  1. Do you want to keep your assets intact to benefit your family instead of in the pockets of divorce attorneys?
  1. Do you want a constructive, instead of destructive divorce?
  1. Do you want at the end of the divorce process to feel contentment, relief and have a positive outlook towards you future?
  1. Do you want an ally who will help you to communicate and negotiate?

If you have answered “Yes” to the above you are ready for a more dignified divorce!

Your progressive thinking is going to make your divorce journey less adversarial, more productive, results oriented, and family friendly. You can also put the money you would have spent on high litigation costs into a college fund for your children. (I have some wonderful financial planning experts as part of my team that can help J).

Even if you or your spouse are angry now, I can help you manage those feelings and communicate better. You are not alone in this effort. The insight and support I provide helps couples to move beyond the past and focus on planning for the future.

As a psychologically-trained legal strategist, attorney and mediator I will introduce you to a divorce process that more and more couples are embracing. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I will help you navigate a separation agreement you can both live with. You will both be heard, not just one of you. You may not be able to continue your marriage because things have changed, but you can come together productively to dissolve your marriage.

Divorce Attorney Lois Brenner is offering a complimentary in-office consultation for the month of January. Join us to learn more about this ground-breaking divorce process. Call 212.734.1551 to schedule your consultation.