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The Lois Brenner Divorce!



Where Head (Legal) Meets Heart (Psychology)

When it comes to divorce you don’t often hear an attorney refer to divorce using both head and heart, but at Lois M. Brenner, Esq., we do!

As a divorce attorney, mediator and psychologically-trained medical professional I approach divorce matters using both head (legal) and heart (psychology). Divorce is about people, not just money and divorce documents. Yes, when you think of the traditional divorce you think of lawyers, divorce papers, courts, calendars, judges, lengthy court battles and outrageous attorneys’ fees. Did you know it doesn’t have to be that way? More and more couples are learning there is a better way to divorce!

I’ve been successfully introducing the head and heart divorce (psychologically-infused divorce concept) to couples and their families for decades. I am happy to report it really does work!

You can read some of the great reviews on Avvo from some very happy couples and families.

This alternative process is really my preferred divorce method, although when a shark is needed, (and sometimes it is necessary), I know how to bite :)

Here’s how my head and heart divorce process works!

A couple is having trouble in their marriage. They decide to look into getting a divorce. They are experiencing all kinds of emotions. They are scared, angry, confused, anxious. The family is in turmoil. They are not sure what to do first or how divorce works.

As a divorce attorney and mediator, it’s important for me to look at what each person needs.

Each party needs to be heard and their individual concerns addressed. In an initial meeting with a couple I listen to both parties. I address the concerns of both. I get to know the couple, the dynamics of their marriage, evaluate the psychological make-up of the parties, and I help them to discuss the important legal and emotional details of their divorce. The meeting is a unique balance of both legal and psychological input from me. In my opinion divorce is so much more than spousal support, property division or asset allocation. It’s the overall wellbeing of two people who can no longer be together in a marriage and their children. It’s all the emotional components in addition to working out the legal details. Sometimes the psychological needs of one or both parties have to be acknowledged first so the legal details can be more thoroughly discussed and the important legal information better understood and received by both parties.

In this unique process all of a couple’s divorce needs are met, both legal and emotional.

This divorce approach where I provide an ongoing balance of legal advice and emotional guidance often saves couples from going to battle with attorneys, courts, and most importantly with each other.

This process can be a lot less wearing on the couple and family emotionally and financially.

It is a unique and preferred divorce approach I am proud to champion for all my clients.

If you are thinking about divorce, consider my head and heart approach. Please call me to learn more about this powerful process. I look forward to hearing from you. 212.734.1551

Warmly, L. :)