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5 Signs you are Married to a Psychopath!


As a divorce attorney I meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. I have found many clients don’t always realize the kind of person they are married to. For example, some clients are married to someone with a character disorder and they don’t know it. Clients come in and often describe a partner’s behavior that is difficult to live with. Sometimes they think they are losing their mind or something is wrong with them. It turns out they are usually being abused and describing the behavior of a psychopath.

If you are wondering if you are married to a psychopath, here are some of the signs to look for:

  1. Pathological lying;
  2. Superficial charm;
  3. Lack of empathy;
  4. Failure to accept responsibility;
  5. Manipulative behavior.

In my divorce practice over 35 years, I have seen more people married to psychopaths (or psychopaths themselves) than I’d like to believe. My medical training has helped me to identify these traits in individuals but very often the partners of these people have no idea what’s going on until I have pointed this out to them. Then there comes a big “aha” moment and suddenly everything seems to fit into place. It finally all makes sense. I often point out it’s them, not you.

Being married to a psychopath can be a nightmare. What clients don’t realize is you cannot change a psychopath. The best way to handle them is to get away from them. Obtaining the tools to prepare you to leave and to approach your divorce is critical. You need a legal/medical professional to guide you, prepare you, and champion your efforts.

As a medically-trained attorney I can help you with that. Don’t let fear stand in your way! Call me for assistance in navigating this difficult process and to get the best, safest results for yourself and your family. 212.734.1551

P.S. There is an amazing novel (a murder mystery) about this subject that I often recommend to clients. It is called, “You Should Have Known” by Jean Hanff Korelitz. It is about to be made into a movie starring Nicole Kidman. I can’t wait to see it!