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5 Warning Signs - It's Time to Change Attorneys!


Is your divorce attorney not returning your calls or emails? Do you meet with your attorney and feel they don’t really remember the details of your case? Is there poor communication or no communication? Are you not getting the attention from your attorney that you deserve and need?

If you have answered “Yes” to some of the above, it may be time to change lawyers.

Here are some clear warning signs it’s time to get out of the relationship with your divorce attorney and find a new divorce attorney/mediator.

  1. Your calls and/or emails are not returned;
  2. You are repeatedly asked for documents you have already given them;
  3. Your attorney is constantly requesting court appearance extensions;
  4. Exchange of document deadlines are consistently missed by your attorney;
  5. Documents being prepared for you are not ready when promised.

Now, in life things do happen, and no one is perfect. But when your lawyer repeatedly lets you down, you lose confidence, feel scared and lost.

I have met clients who have understandably felt this way.

However, I suggest before changing your lawyer that you prepare in the following way:

  1. Speak with your attorney. Voice your concerns. You can ask for an appointment to do so or send an email or a letter. Give them a chance to explain;
  1. Get a second opinion. Have a consultation with other lawyers, share what has been going on with your case and see what they think;
  1. If you decide to change attorneys, do your research, and chose the right attorney for you;
  1. Whatever you do, don’t fire your attorney before you find another.

I know it is not easy to change attorneys, but finding the right attorney can mean all the difference in the outcome of your divorce.

If you are unhappy with your current divorce attorney and need some advice, call me.

As a successful divorce attorney, with over 35 years of experience, I will be happy to review your matter and give you some suggestions as to how to best move forward. Don’t stay in an unhappy relationship with your lawyer, it can hurt your divorce outcome.

Call me today 212. 734.1551.

Warm wishes,