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Mediation: A Superior Solution for Divorcing Spouses and their Families during the Coronavirus Pandemic!


As a divorce attorney & psychologically-trained mediator I am juggling tons of emails and phone calls from clients divorcing and spouses thinking of divorcing during the coronavirus pandemic.

These couples’ issues began way before the coronavirus and the complications of marriage and divorce are not slowing down because of it.
There are some truly complex family law issues arising at this challenging time where the strength of mediation can really help! As a mediator I can facilitate discussions, encourage decision-making, and champion both parties to be civil and productive about the following:

Child Custody:

With schools enforcing quarantines, and children schooling from home, parenting plans are being disrupted. Who will take care of children? What will visitation look like? Where will it occur? How will the transition for visitation take place? Should a parent be allowed to take the children on a bus, train or plane? Which parent will decide? Mediation can help you make life-saving decisions and answer all these questions.

Child and Spousal Support:

With companies enforcing quarantines some people will be paid while they work at home, others will not. These imposed work decisions are starting to affect family’s incomes . As a result child and spousal support may need to be adjusted. Productive discussions using mediation can help divorcing couples arrive at fair and reasonable child and spousal support decisions.

Property Division:

If you own a business or work in industries suffering right now like restaurants, bars, travel, movie theatres, hair salons, airlines, transportation, and so on, division of property will be challenging. Bankruptcy may strike many of these businesses. In addition, stocks have been hit hard and assets and investment portfolios are plummeting. Again mediation can help rationally address these issues in the context of divorce.

Even with all the anxiety and uncertainty of everything going on around us, everyday life is going on and so must we.

With my help, as a mediator, I can help you start a dialogue or continue having a dialogue with your spouse about your divorce.

Mediation is more popular, and more convenient, now more than ever since its less expensive, can be done quickly and since the courts are closed, you can get a divorce without an attorney or going to court.

So some of you are thinking, “ What is mediation, and how does it work?”

My unique psychologically-infused divorce mediation method address not just the legal, practical aspects of divorce, but the complexities of the emotional aspects of divorce as well.
Divorce mediation is for married couples wanting a divorce, and domestic partners who want to separate. Divorce mediation puts you in control of your divorce, not the courts (which are closed right now). I can help you make legally productive decisions for your future and that of your family.
All of this will take place in an atmosphere of compassion, respect, and cooperation, and virtually for safety purposes. I will develop an agreement that will be tailored to all your families' needs as it relates to finances, child support, spousal support, property division, child custody and visitation.

And the Benefits of Divorce Mediation, especially now?

· more affordable ( as people right now are losing their jobs, or dealing with cutbacks)

· takes less time, can be done quickly (since courts are closed)

· will give you more control

· offers you an opportunity to communicate better

· is uniquely psychologically supportive

· provides a third party to champion your decisions

· offers legally sound, healing and healthy decision-making

Let me introduce you to the superior strength of mediation, call me.

With over 35 years of legal experience and my medical training, I can uniquely guide you towards a happier and healthier life using my unique mediation process.

During this medical crisis our FREE 1 HOUR CONSULTATIONS will be conducted virtually by telephone or TeleDivorce by Skype or FaceTime to reduce risk and maintain safety for everyone!

Call now to book your free consultation 212.734.1551.

I look forward to working with you!

Stay Healthy & Safe!