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Divorcing Due to COVID-19 Vaccine Differences?


I received a phone call 3 months ago from a spouse inquiring about divorce. She went on to say she and her husband of 12 years could not agree on taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

She said, “I was absolutely shocked when my husband said he would not get the vaccine.” She said they had several conversations, and then the conversations turned into arguments. It seemed they were both perplexed to be on opposite sides, but neither were changing their minds! She got vaccinated, he did not.

Many people are feeling hesitant about the COVID-19 vaccines for many reasons, which can create a difficult space for couples to navigate. Differing thoughts on whether to get the vaccine can also come as a surprise.

As a psychologically trained divorce attorney and mediator, I suggested mediation as a means to open further dialogue and to discuss divorce options since the wife had decided she felt she had no other choice. She didn’t feel she could stay in a marriage with her unvaccinated spouse who would be (in her opinion) endangering her life. It didn’t help that they had been growing apart for the last three years, and her husband’s ex-wife had been a thorn in their marriage.

They didn’t have children, owned a co-op apartment valued at $1.2 million on the upper west side in NYC, both worked as medical professionals, had accumulated $750,000 in assets, and both had pensions and a stock portfolio.

The husband was broken-hearted that his wife wanted to dissolve their marriage. He understood her fear but had his own concerns about the vaccine and clearly was not going to change his mind.

We were able to arrive at a fair settlement, divided their property and the wife received the co-op apartment.

Mediation was the perfect vehicle to process this divorce. During our mediation sessions, I gave them the tools and the resources to strategically navigate their divorce giving them legal understanding, helping them address their anger issues, and helped them choose a healthy path to ending their marriage.

We discussed budgets, income, assets, division of property, spousal support, life insurance, and health insurance and arrived at a fair settlement for them both.

If you are thinking of divorce, for any reason, consider following my mediation methods. You will gain valuable legal knowledge, communicate better, be encouraged to listen, and be guided to negotiate a more harmonious, less expensive journey to divorce.

Let me show you how mediation works!

During your free consultation, you will hear about my unique mediation process which is being embraced now more than ever. It’s less expensive, saves time, and is non-adversarial.

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