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Spouses Are Lawyering Up for Divorce After Surviving Lockdown!


As a divorce attorney and psychologically trained mediator, I have spoken with many sad, angry spouses over the last two years during the ongoing pandemic. Being locked up together wreaked havoc on many marriages. Spouses spoke up, acted out, and my phones rang!

Love doesn’t always last forever and the pressures of the pandemic only accelerated the movement towards ending many unhappy marriages.

In the midst of the pandemic, there were psychological pressures to move forward, walk away from unhappy, unhealthy, and in some cases, abusive marriages. Spouses felt compelled to make changes, look forward and have a better future.

COVID-19 only exacerbated the already dysfunctional, unbalanced, and miserable marriages. It not only affected families financially but emotionally. It forced many lifestyle changes, particularly when it came to divorce, and it continues to do so.

I received a phone call 1 year ago from a spouse who was done with his wife. He said he was in a very abusive relationship and couldn’t endure it anymore. He was embarrassed to admit he was being abused. After all, he was a man and who would believe he was being abused by his wife. I told him I believed him because I have helped many men in abusive relationships. The reality is men get abused too!

Since I am a highly experienced psychologically trained divorce attorney and mediator, he started to explain all the ways he was being mistreated by his wife. Financially he received an allowance from his wife even though he was a successful massage therapist. She controlled all their income and funds.

Due to COVID-19, he had not worked in over a year. She had worked all during the pandemic and ran a successful online clothing business. She had degraded him verbally for many years and it had only increased during the pandemic. She would verbally assault him in front of their 8-year-old twin boys. She would call him a loser, say he was stupid, and tell their sons not to grow up like him.

He decided he was not going to take the abuse anymore and we started a divorce action. My litigation partner and I fought for him in court; we got him a substantial financial settlement and joint custody of his twin boys. He consulted with one of our team psychologists and started to regain his self-esteem. He recently received his judgment of divorce and has started a new happy life.

Are you ready to lawyer up to end an unbearable marriage? If you are, we are the highly skilled team of attorneys, proficient financial and forensic experts, private investigators and psychologists to get you the divorce results you deserve.

My unique combination of legal and psychological strategies is a very effective tool when it comes to some of the intricate and complicated aspects of divorce.

Let me and my team of experts fight for you and your family. Call us today!

Our FREE 1 hour consultations are very informative andconveniently conducted virtually to reduce risk!

Stay healthy and safe!

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If you have had enough of an unhappy, abusive, unhealthy marriage and you’re ready to lawyer up, call York Divorce Attorney Lois Brenner now to schedule your FREE consultation.