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Internet Influencers to IT Gurus Love Mediation!


Since I have been practicing over 35 years as a divorce attorney and mediator, I have had an amazing array of clients, and most recently from internet influencers to IT gurus. Regardless of a client’s position in life, the 3 P’s of Mediation are appealing to all - Positive, Productive, and Peaceful.

About 7 months ago an internet influencer contacted me for a consultation. He and his wife had been married 4 years, had 1 child and lived both in New York and Atlanta.

His wife was a podcast producer, and her husband was fed-up with what he called her "hoarding issues." She was obsessed during the pandemic, ordering all kinds of things they didn’t need and storing them in two of their bedrooms. Not only was she wasting money and running up debts, but creating a safety hazard.

They were in a lot of debt, totaling $125,000. He felt she was irresponsible and had spoken with her many times. They even tried a therapist and nothing was working. He felt he couldn’t stay married anymore.

As is standard in these cases, the wife initially wanted to hire a lawyer. The husband was fascinated by what he had heard about my unique meditation process, and called me. After our conversation, he was eager to share my mediation process with her, and she agreed to try mediation.

Honestly, at first I wasn’t sure mediation would work for them. They were fighting a lot. During our virtual meetings, I really had to keep them focused. The wife was super angry, especially because she thought he wanted to date a woman he was working with and blamed her excessive shopping and hoarding on him.

She shared her suspicion with me during one of our individual mediation sessions. It turned out her financial recklessness really had worn on the husband, he had no interest in dating his co-worker and he wouldn’t stay in this marriage anymore. This deterioration had been going on for two years of their marriage.

As the divorce continued, they settled into the rhythm of my mediation process, the anger subsided and they were able to engage in productive conversations and make thoughtful decisions.

The husband was fair, and agreed to help with the debts although his wife had generated most of the debt.

It was important for them to consider mediation for many reasons but, in particular, it helped them keep their privacy while divorcing which could have affected his public persona and livelihood if they had litigated their matter.

The final outcome was good. The split of the assets was equitable. The management of the debts was fair. The custody, support and visitation with their child was decided on thoughtfully.

There is life after divorce. The path you choose to get there can make all the difference!

If you are thinking of divorce and have questions about mediation and how it can help you, call me. We can explore together what is possible.

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