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Are You Wavering About Getting a Divorce?


I know. It’s a really big decision!

You've probably been thinking about it for a long time. You may have already had a divorce consultation and still can’t decide. You’re wondering should I? Shouldn't I?

Part of you thinks - yes, I really should. But what will it mean? What will this do to my family? How do I tell my spouse? These are the questions I often hear from spouses during my free consultations.

Usually a spouse knows, deep down, that it's the right decision. But they wonder what will a divorce look like. Will it be met with opposition? Will my spouse cry? Will there be a big argument? Will I have to leave my home?

Will I need to call the police if my spouse reacts violently?

Whatever the reaction, a divorce conversation is never easy and it will not be a happy occasion.

On the other hand, continuing in a life of marital unhappiness is spending a lifetime linked to someone you don’t love anymore. Do you really want to spend the years you have left living in an unhappy marriage and unfulfilling life?

As a divorce lawyer, and psychologically trained mediator for over 35 years, I help alleviate the anxiety of divorce by explaining to a spouse during a consultation what the likely outcome of the process will be. We will discuss what to consider. How to talk to your spouse. We can also discuss divorce strategies that might be best given the psychological make-up of your marriage.

I tell a spouse what to expect and what is possible. We discuss how property will be divided. Will there be spousal and/or child support? What are the probable amounts and for how long? Knowing the reality can ease the uncertainty and fears and can help a spouse prepare for what is to come.

I share ideas on how to tell your spouse, suggest some dialogue, sometimes suggesting a therapy session so a third person is present when you start your divorce discussion.

I can suggest ways to broach the subject without blaming your spouse and making them defensive. I can also share ideas with you on how to tell your children. I will make suggestions on how to ease your children’s fears.

Usually the dissatisfaction in a marriage has been building up and increasing over a long period of time. There are better ways of handling and initiating a divorce conversation. I can walk you through the process.

Are you ready to take the first step and learn more?

If you are struggling with a divorce decision, I can help you. It usually revolves around basic personality and character differences that are affecting the dynamics of your marriage.

As a divorce attorney and medically trained professional, I can point out these issues to make it easier for you to decide what to do and make suggestions on how to do it!

All our FREE 1-HOUR CONSULTATIONS areconducted virtually to reduce risk.

Call me, New York Divorce Lawyer, Lois Brenner now to book your free consultation. 212.734.1551

Stay healthy and safe!

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