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Is Your Marriage Causing You to Be Depressed?


Have you wondered why you are always sad and feeling so bad? Do you think your marriage is making you depressed?

Depression can make you feel tired, and like you are living under a cloud. You have no interest in activities and have dark thoughts about yourself and others.

As a psychologically-trained divorce attorney and mediator for over 35 years, I hear from depressed spouses all the time. There are a lot of causes of depression but lack of power and abuse in a marriage can certainly cause depression.

Some signs of an unhappy marriage range from minimizing each other’s feelings, having no sex, feeling neglected and powerless, and no longer having any fun together.

When a toxic relationship develops in a marriage the depressed spouse starts to feel insecure, helpless, scared and anxious.

Here are some reasons your marriage may be making you depressed:

1. Your partner tells you what to do.

Your spouse thinks he/she is your boss.

Depression stems from feeling like you have insufficient power. Being told what to do by your spouse can make you feel like a slave. It makes you feel small and insignificant.

2. You feel dominated.

Depression happens when you feel smaller and less powerful than your spouse. Being dominated by your spouse can shatter your self-esteem. Being dominated takes your dignity and makes you feel powerless.

3. You feel criticized.

“I don’t like how you look in that dress.” “Your hair looks terrible.” Criticisms are put downs meant to diminish you. Constant criticisms make you start thinking something is wrong with you. You start to believe what you are being told. A brainwash moves over you.

4. You are abused.

Any form of abuse can cause depression. Abuse steals your soul and leaves you empty. A partner’s constant criticism, control and condescending comments wear you down slowly and kills your joy. This is no longer a loving relationship.

As a psychologically-trained divorce attorney and mediator, I can tell you if your marriage is making you depressed, it’s time to get help and maybe to leave!

If you need help with making this change, call me. I can also guide you on how to safely approach your spouse with the difficult conversation about divorce. It can be a lot easier than you think. I will be happy to share with you some of my truly successful methods.

Remember, starting over requires confidence, courage and the determination.

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