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Don't Delay Your Divorce Due to Inflation! Your Divorce Could Cost More later!


Are you waiting to divorce because of inflation?

If you are, don’t! There is no need to. It could actually cost you more later…

Delaying your divorce because you’re afraid of a decrease in income, your diminishing assets portfolio or simply because you’ll have less money is not a reason to stay in a bad marriage.

Inflation won’t have a real impact because when your assets are divided and spousal and child support determined, the numbers are based on percentages, not actual dollar amounts, except where income caps apply. I know it may feel like a really bad time to divorce financially but it isn’t!

I received a phone call over the weekend from a devastated spouse who said, “I can’t believe it, I have been married, I thought happily for 10 years, and today my spouse said, “I want a divorce. I’m not happy. I have met someone else. I want to be happy. This marriage is over!”

She was very concerned about the impact of inflation right now on her divorce settlement. I told her not to worry and explained why.

She said her whole life just flashed before her eyes. She didn’t see this coming and didn’t know what to do. The main concern was that she had given up her career as a teacher and had stayed home to raise 3 children. She had supported the efforts of her spouse who had achieved great success and a partnership in a high profile law firm in New York City. Now she feared what lay ahead for herself and the children financially.

We discussed all her options including the use of my unique divorce process that can save money and time!

These days there are still some spouses who give up careers to stay at home to raise the children. They often spend most of their marriage helping to support, and in some cases to build, their spouses’ careers/businesses in the best interest of the family. But, if at some point you or your spouse want out of the marriage, will you be prepared? Will you be able to survive financially?

The answer is Yes! But I strongly suggest you always keep your finger on the financial pulse of your marriage and family. Don’t be in the dark. Don’t leave all the financial decisions to your spouse. Insist on being a partner in all the financial decisions and know where all the money is invested. Look at all bills, statements, payments etc. Don’t forget about yourself along the way, keep your skills sharp and don’t forget to stay present in your marriage. Always put aside some money for yourself!

Here Are My 6 Divorce Tips for Financial Safety in the Event of Divorce!

  1. Make a plan before you move forward with a divorce. Sometimes you won’t have that luxury especially if your spouse walks through the door and says, “I want a divorce.” So be prepared. Review your skills, finances and evaluate your ability to support yourself financially;
  1. If you find yourself falling behind on taking care of yourself and your skills, you may want to take some courses or become certified in a particular profession;
  1. If you have skills and can return to work, update your resume and explore what opportunities exist. Create a work-at-home opportunity for yourself and start networking with friends already in the work force;
  1. If you don’t have separate assets, consider having a separate bank account, set one up and start saving some money. You will need money for a retainer for an attorney or mediator if divorce does rear its ugly head;
  1. Review all your expenses. Make a budget. What are you spending now? What will you be able to spend after the divorce for your own household? Know how much you will need to survive. Start implementing changes to cut back on expenses and put some money aside for yourself;
  1. Visualize the Life You Want! Life will change after divorce. Some things will be better, others more challenging. Think about where you want to live, what type of career you will embark on, and how you will be prepared financially to handle all of these changes.

It’s important to remember, child support and spousal support (if you are entitled to them) do not last forever. The sooner you can stand on your own two feet, the better you will feel.

If you are thinking about divorce and concerned about financial safety, I want you to feel encouraged and empowered by “being prepared” if divorce should occur in your marriage.

If you are thinking about divorce or your spouse has just told you they want a divorce, call me. I will help you prepare emotionally and financially for the next steps. We can also discuss my money saving divorce mediation process!

As a divorce attorney and psychologically-trained mediator, I have been successfully guiding divorcing families using compassion, keen legal strategy and unique psychological insight for over 35 years.

Speak with me so I can educate you, explain what you are entitled to, and give you some suggestions on how to financially move forward with your divorce. I can also introduce you to financial experts that are part of my team. You could also receive a free financial evaluation, just ask me about it!

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