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Did You Know Mediation Is the Preferred Divorce Method for Millennials?


The millennial generation, born between 1980-2000, are enthusiastically embracing Divorce Mediation.

Millennials are different from Generation X and Baby Boomers. They are tech savvy, play well with others, are collaborative, and not afraid to ask others for help. They are civic minded, and want to make the world a better place, and when it comes to divorce, they enthusiastically embrace mediation.

I have worked with many millennial couples in the last few years and have found them so incredibly inspiring.

Millennials are waiting longer to marry, so they have more assets to protect and understand the importance of avoiding the high cost of attorneys and the legal system. In many cases, they have also experienced their parents’ divorce and understand the importance of avoiding confrontation and pain.

Millennials are hopeful, optimistic, creative and are good multitaskers. They crave structure, peace, fairness, and integrity. They approach their divorces openly, amicably, and sensibly and respond favorably to the peaceful, less costly process.

Millennials have grown up in a world where divorce is the norm. Someone in their family has been divorced or their friends are from divorced families. They have seen or heard about down and dirty divorces and yearn for a less stressful way out of their marriage.

They feel mediation puts them in charge. For many millennials, a more comfortable, less expensive outcome is preferred. Since many millennials have nontraditional marriages, they embrace a more organic approach to divorce.

This generation is known for valuing collaboration, open communication, and problem-solving. Working with a mediator gives them control and allows them to tailor their divorce settlement to their needs instead on relying on the one-size-fits-all of a court decision.

Millennials are also tech-savvy and they are very attracted to the flexibility of divorce mediation. They find Zoom, conference mediation sessions, emails, and DocuSign convenient, and they can handle their divorce from the comfort and stress-free environment of their home or office.

So what is Mediation?

The mediation path to divorce involves working with an unbiased mediator, usually a lawyer, whose function it is to assist a couple in a peaceful process of making decisions together and arriviving at an agreement that is fair to both.

For people who have never experienced it, mediation is surprisingly and stunningly effective. It is quick, inexpensive, and not adversarial. It is a three-part process, consisting of the negotiations, the preparation of an agreement, and the preparation and submission of the divorce documents to a judge for signature.

As the divorce mediator, my role is to keep you talking and on track. I will ensure negotiations are fair and offer suggestions when you hit a roadblock. The focus of mediation is for you to control your own divorce. Spouses have the opportunity to discuss their personal needs and priorities and to arrive together at an agreement they both can live with.

In the last decade, mediation has become the popular choice of many divorcing couples, especially millennials.

The trend of millennials embracing divorce mediation is a reflection of the changing values and priorities of this generation.

Learn more about the organic benefits of mediation. Mediation reduces stress, promotes more amicable discussions, and is a quicker, less expensive way out of a marriage that really works!

If you are interested in learning more about mediation, call me. As a psychologically and medically trained mediator and attorney, I will be happy to share with you everything you need to know about mediation. It is a process that really works.

If you are looking for collaboration, efficiency, control and financial savings, mediation is your path to divorce!

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