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Why is January Known as "Divorce Month?"


In our previous blog, we discussed why the New Year can be a good time for a fresh start if you have been considering divorce. For a variety of reasons, many people choose to wait until the start of the New Year to begin divorce proceedings, making January one of the busiest months of the year for divorce cases. Dubbed “divorce month” in legal circles, divorce filings increase by approximately one-third during the first month of the year, and continue to be higher than average well into March.

What is the reason for this increase?There are many reasons why people wait until January to file for divorce:

  • Unhappy couples may wish to wait until January because they are reluctant to break up their families during the holidays, especially if they have children. They may feel that they owe them one more holiday with the family intact.
  • Because of the holidays, court time is in shorter supply in December. As a result, many couples simply wait until January.
  • January is widely regarded as “resolution month.” Many people see the New Year as the best time to get a fresh start. It is often best to wait until all of the activity and stress of the holidays subsides before shifting their focus to the divorce process.
  • Saturated stress levels from the holidays can magnify problems already existing in a marriage, pushing people to their breaking points. These problems can include worries about finances, poor communication, and more.
  • A person’s marital status on December 31 of the previous year will affect whether or not the following year’s taxes can be filed jointly. This can be a big factor in deciding the timing of a divorce.

Interestingly, December, January, and February also see a large increase in online dating registrations. According to dating app Zoosk, registrations spike by 26 percent in the two weeks after Christmas, and data from, the nation’s most popular online dating site, shows a 40 percent increase in sign ups during these months.

Divorce is a big decision, and everyone has their own personal reasons for wanting a divorce or wanting to time their divorce in a certain way. If you are considering a divorce in New York, now is a good time to contact Lois M. Brenner, Esq. I would be happy to discuss your situation and rights with you and offer you the advice you need to make sound legal decisions. Combining a unique psychological approach with my legal guidance, my goal is to help you and your family transition smoothly during this time of change and protect your best interests as we head into the New Year.

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