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Who Pays for a Child's Summer Camp When Parents are Divorced?


When summer comes around, many children are interested in attending summer camps with their friends, youth groups, or classmates. In addition, many parents with children take interest in such camps when they are required to work full-time hours and are not able to stay with their kids thought the entire day. While many of these camps can be educational and beneficial, organizing children’s summer camp trips can become complicated, especially if a child’s parents are divorced.

In some cases, summer camps are considered necessities because they function as day care hours. With these types of cases, the cost of a child attending summer camp must be split between the child’s parents. To do so, these types of expenses are calculated as a part of the basic child support award. The amount is determined by the tuition rates of the camp as well as the frequency in which the child will attend in the future.

In other cases, summer camps are considered extracurricular activities, meaning the camp does not take the place of daycare or any other form of childcare. In these types of situations, the child’s parents should discuss the costs of camp and determine how the expenses should be split and paid. If parents cannot come to an agreement, it is wise that they speak with an experienced divorce lawyer to avoid going to court over add-on reimbursement occurrences.

If the non-custodial parent questions the costs, they are entitled to question the reasonableness of these types of add-on expenses for which the custodial parent is seeking. If, in court, the judge decides that the cost of the summer came is excessive, the non-custodial parent may only be ordered to pay a share of the amount rather than half the amount.

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