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Do You Know Your Spouse?


Do You Know Your Spouse?

I have created a Divorce Personality Quiz that will introduce you to the personality traits of your spouse (some that you might not be aware of!). For the purposes of divorce this identification is particularly important. Depending on who you are married to, I can devise a divorce strategy which addresses both your needs and I will help you navigate the divorce process with a keen insight in less time, costing less money and causing you much less pain.

Wow! There’s a way to divorce with less pain? Yes, It’s possible!

With both a legal and medical background, my psychologically-infused mediation method provides couples with a safe, supportive environment that provides guidance, support and strategic methods that gets couples the best results.

Take this quiz to find out who your spouse is!

You might be surprised at what you uncover.

Click for Divorce Quiz Here:

If after taking the quiz and receiving the results you would like to learn more, let’s chat J

Enjoy! Lois