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Is Your Spouse Paying the Taxes?


Is Your Spouse Paying the Taxes?

It’s that time of year again. Dreaded tax time!

For those getting a divorce, taxes are the least of their worries.

But let me share a story with you that will open your eyes, and make you think twice.

After researching and finding me on Avvo a young woman came to see me last year. She was a married professional with two small children. She was scared, angry, and confused. She had just received an email from her employer who notified her that her salary was being garnished by the IRS. She was stunned! What could this be about? She signed those yearly joint tax returns and her husband always paid the taxes owed. Or so she thought…

Upon investigation, and speaking with the IRS we learned that her husband had not paid their taxes for 5 years and owed $ 250,000.00. The wife felt betrayed and angry that her “loving husband” of 12 years had been lying to her and jeopardizing her and her family. When he came in to participate in a session, using my psychologically-infused mediation method I identified that not only was he clearly a narcissist and a sociopath, with no regard for others, but he also had a deep-routed gambling problem that dated back to his teens. He had been living a double life (including having another family which was uncovered as we reviewed emails and texts) and his wife never knew it.

Although he begged her to stay married, his wife was devastated and could not, and did not stay in this sham of a marriage.

We were able to clear her with the IRS, and help her avoid prosecution with the help of our team’s tax experts, and we made him responsible for the debts to the IRS.

In addition, the wife got sole custody, child support and possession of the marital residence. For her, most importantly, she got piece of mind and she got her life back. She was no longer living a lie.

It’s important to always know what your spouse is doing. Read everything you sign and be aware that “you are responsible for you.” Don’t put your life in the hands of anyone. Not even someone you think is a “loving spouse.”

If you suspect your loved one may not be handing the financial responsibilities of your marriage properly and there may be trouble with the IRS, call me. I and my forensic team have expertise in this area that will help you. 212.734.1551