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Cheating During the Coronavirus Pandemic!


Even though we are busy battling the coronavirus, I recently received an emergency call from a man who had just discovered his wife was having an affair.

He had gone to his wife’s phone to check for the time for a teleconference with his son's teacher and stumbled upon a barrage of inappropriate sexual texts from one of his wife’s co-workers.

He was distraught, angry, and called me. A friend had read my book and given him my information. He asked me about getting a divorce, but he was extremely conflicted, and very emotional.

He still loved his wife and wanted to keep his family together. He was having a very hard time processing everything, especially with all the stress of the current health crisis going on. He was sobbing at one point, and almost inconsolable. It made me very sad to see his pain.

This unthinkable revelation caught him completely by surprise. He told me there had been no warnings. Once we got his emotions under control we discussed the divorce laws in New York, and how they applied to his multi-generational family business, property, assets, spousal and child support. I explained the likely outcome of a divorce in his circumstances, and what that would look like.

We further discussed all his options: do nothing right now, try couples counseling and therapy, consider a separation or get a divorce. None of these felt right to him.

Then I mentioned the possibility of preparing a postnuptial agreement for him. This would allow him to remain married at least for the time being. It would provide him the opportunity to plan for a divorce in the future, while securing a good potential settlement while continuing to be married, if he and his wife continued to do so.

He was surprised and pleased that he had this option, which had not occurred to him. This is a tool I suggest and use for many couples who find themselves in this unfortunate position.

A postnuptial agreement prevents couples from making a hasty decision before they have had time to consider their options. It provides peace of mind and time for emotions to calm so important life decisions can be made.

A postnuptial agreement, in the case of this client, will provide him with financial protection if a divorce does occur. In addition, we will build into his agreement, per his request, consequences, if future infidelity does occur in his marriage.

No two postnuptial agreements are alike. Postnuptial agreements are tailored to meet the individual needs of every couple.

If you find yourself in a similar predicament, I can help you craft a postnuptial agreement to both protect yourself and give you the time to save your marriage, or consider your divorce alternatives.

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