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Are You Married to a Psychopath?


The typical psychopath as portrayed in the media is often a ruthless serial killer, but the majority of people who exhibit psychopathic traits are much more subtle. That is why marrying a psychopath is possible and not as unusual as one might think.

Psychopaths are conmen, tend to be extremely charming, and often are secretly ruining the lives of the very person they profess to love. Psychopaths use their charm to deceive and to trap their victims.

As a psychologically trained divorce attorney and mediator for over 35 years, I have helped many spouses escape the clutches of a psychopathic partner.

In my psychologically-based divorce mediation practice, I have identified a psychopathic spouse during many consultations.

Some of the traits are as follows:

• Antisocial behavior

• Superficial charm

• Impulsivity

• Callous, unemotional traits

• Lack of guilt

• Lack of empathy

• Socially irresponsible behavior

• Disregarding or violating the right of others

• Inability to distinguish right from wrong

• Tendency to lie often

• Manipulating and hurting others

• Difficulty showing remorse or empathy

When a spouse tells me they think they are married to a psychopath, they have experienced all kinds of uncomfortable behaviors.

A professional woman and mom called me 5 months ago telling me she was scared and thought her husband was aggressively trying to manipulate and destroy her life.

She had married 9 years ago and had an 18-month-old son. Her husband was a highly accomplished surgeon, she an accountant.

She felt her husband had married her because it served him well. She came from a wealthy family, she herself being an accomplished accountant had helped her husband financially pay for medical school. He had promised to pay her back, but he never did.

He took no responsibility for anything and ran up debts expecting her to take care of them. He had bought an expensive new car on a whim and wanted to move into a new apartment. They had moved three times since they were married with no regard for her or her wishes.

He never cared when she felt anxious, sad, or afraid when she tried to discuss all her concerns. He just said she was sensitive and overreacting.

It became clear to me she was living with a psychopath and needed some help to gain control of her life.

We are working on her case currently and fighting to get her the best financial settlement possible. Her husband has pushed back along the way and has positioned himself as the victim. We are organizing some financial forensics to locate assets he squirreled away and my client is working with a psychologist on my team to help her gain insight and emotional strength for her divorce journey.

If you are in a marriage that looks similar to the story I just shared with you, I can help you and your family.

My combination of legal and psychological strategies is unique and effective when it comes to divorcing a psychopathic partner. The understanding and proper guidance for this complicated aspect is important for a psychologically safe and legally successful outcome.

For over 35 years as a divorce attorney and mediator, I have been guiding spouses successfully to find the right path to divorce.

I have the unique ability to provide a compassionate and productive process to see you through your divorce.

OurFREE 1 hour consultations are very informative and conveniently conducted virtually to reduce risk!

I look forward to helping you and your family.

Stay healthy and safe!

Warm regards,


If you think you are married to a psychopath and want a divorce, call New York Divorce Attorney Lois Brenner now to schedule your FREE consultation.