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I Am a Dependent Spouse. I Have No Money to Divorce!


Yes you do, and I can get if for you!

I had a new client a few months ago who was terrified when she called me. She was married to a very rich art dealer who was extremely controlling. He liked to control everything, from his money, to his businesses, to her.

In spite of their enormous wealth, she had no access to money, other than what he gave her each week to spend on everyday necessities. Although she desperately wanted a divorce, she had no idea how she would pay a lawyer to take her case.

As a New York divorce attorney and mediator, I explained to her that in New York, courts normally award legal fees to dependent spouses, to even the playing field during a divorce.

My client was able to borrow some funds from her parents to get started, and my litigation partner, Matt, had to make an application to the court for her husband to pay her counsel fees. In addition, since he refused to pay his wife's bills, we had to ask for temporary spousal and child support.

This situation arises in my legal practice more often than one would expect. That is why the legislature passed the law enabling dependent spouses to pursue their cases in court.

Fortunately for this woman and her children, the judge got the picture and awarded her the large sum that we requested to enable her to maintain her standard of living both during and after her divorce.

It would have been better if her husband had gone along with our negotiations and offered to pay his wife's legal fees.

We fought hard for this client and we were determined to get her what she rightfully deserved.

My litigation partner, Matthew, did an amazing job securing a substantial financial settlement and we are now securing a significant portion of the families lucrative art business for her since our client’s marketing expertise contributed significantly to the social media buzz and internet presence that substantially increased the value of the business.

If you are in a position where you might be required to pay your spouse's legal fees, or require your spouse to contribute to your legal expenses, we can assist you. Call to schedule your free consultation now.

As a highly experienced, psychologically-trained divorce attorney and mediator with over 35 years of experience, I can guide you on how to get your spouse to pay your counsel fees.

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I look forward to helping you.

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