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Do I Need an Attorney if I Am Mediating My Divorce?


As a psychologically trained divorce attorney and mediator, I am uniquely skilled as both an attorney and a mediator. When I am wearing my mediator hat and guiding a couple in the mediation process I sometimes suggest spouses consult with an attorney, if they wish to do so.

Consulting with an attorney while mediating helps a spouse understand the best and worst scenarios when it comes to financial support, divisions of assets, taxes, property, spousal support, child custody and other important legal components of the divorce process.

Depending on the complexity of the divorce, some spouses may decide to consult with an attorney throughout their mediation process, while others will consult an attorney one-time-only to review a separation agreement.

Mediation has its perks. It allows a couple to work towards ending their marriage together and amicably. The couple can cut down on legal costs, move at their own pace, keep intimate details of their lives more private, and arrive amicably at an agreement that meets the needs of both parties.

In mediation, a couple’s divorce outcome can be guided by, but need not comply with state law. When I am mediating a divorce matter, I am helping a couple to design an agreement tailored to meet the needs unique to their family. In my role as a mediator, I am developing creative, outside-the-box solutions and proposals. As a mediator I do not represent either party, but I am invested in providing both parties with equally guided advice and support.

During this process, I sometimes suggest a spouse consult with an attorney so they can hear about what they would be legally entitled to if they went to court. This helps a spouse to determine if the decisions they are making in the mediation process are legally reasonable.

Even though I am a divorce attorney, if I am mediating a matter, I cannot provide this information. So I always give clients the option to speak with a divorce attorney, if they choose to, so they can determine for themselves what’s legally possible and fair.

Since I am both a divorce attorney and a mediator, I have also provided services as a divorce attorney for spouses who are already in the mediation process.

When I am wearing my attorney hat, I am defining the law, listening to your priorities, intentions and goals. In this capacity, I am helping with legal strategy, discussing important decisions, and helping you understand where you have leverage. Sometimes I’m even strategizing how you should respond to unreasonable requests made by your mediator or ridiculous demands of your spouse.

So whether you are already mediating and would like me to be your consulting attorney, or you would like to consult with me to help with your mediation process, I am uniquely equipped to help you!

My seasoned set of skills as a divorce attorney and mediator with psychological training will assist you in whatever process you need!

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