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Meet My Peaceful Divorce Process!


When considering divorce, clients are usually familiar with going to court and fighting. But more and more clients are learning there are more peaceful options.

Many spouses just want to fight. They know of no other way. They only see “red” and nothing is going to change that. But for those open to a non-adversarial option there is a more positive and peaceful solution—it’s mediation.

Once a couple decides to divorce, understandably they feel overwhelmed by emotion but you want to amicably separate from your partner.

Divorce is hard. There’s no denying it. But there is a light at the end of this tunnel—divorce doesn’t have to be nasty, angry, or revengeful.

Not only can your divorce be peaceful, it can be fair and successful!

The mediation path to divorce involves working with an unbiased mediator, usually a lawyer, whose function it is to assist a couple in a negotiation process, to make decisions together at and arrive at an agreement that is fair to both. For people who have never experienced it, mediation is surprisingly and stunningly effective.

It is quick, inexpensive, and not adversarial. It is a three-part process, consisting of the negotiations, the preparation of an agreement, and preparation and the submission of the divorce documents to a judge for signature.

Here are my effective divorce mediation suggestions:

Consider Mediation Over Litigation

Stay out of court, if you can! Do you really want judges and courts deciding your fate?

Take control of your divorce. Don’t let your divorce control you. Spend less money. Keep the family funds in your pockets. Why spend your child’s college fund on battling attorneys?

Get your divorce in a timely manner, on your timetable not that of feuding attorneys and unending rescheduled court conferences. You can mutually agree on child and spousal support terms. You can comfortably negotiate custody and visitation arrangements. You can amicably divide property. You can save money, time and stress. So consider mediation.

Respect Your Spouse

Yes, there are lots of reasons you no longer want to be with your spouse, but remember you once loved them too! No need to wish them bad. Why not embrace what now is, consider their needs, understand their view point, and work together to dissolve the marriage with dignity.

Try not to blame one another, don’t trigger each other with nasty texts, endless emails, don’t point fingers, bad mouth each other or act up in mediation sessions. Stay calm during negotiations, forget about punishment or revenge. Be a good listener, and consider all options, not just those favorable to you!

Think About What’s Best for Your Children

Be a good example for your children. They really need you now! Show them you cannot only survive as a family but thrive as a family!

By choosing a peaceful divorce process you can show your children how respect and cooperation works. Let them feel supported and loved by you both!

Benefit From a Successful Divorce Team

No two divorces are alike. Your case, in a mediation process will receive specialized attention. As a psychologically-trained divorce attorney and mediator, I customize a couples divorce process, identifying their needs and addressing issues unique to their case. Sometimes that requires the assistance of financial advisors, therapists, and forensic accountants.

Focus on Your Own Divorce

Every divorce is different. Don’t compare yours to anyone else and don’t be persuaded by others and how they think you should divorce. Everyone will have an opinion. Don’t be distracted by other’s divorce experiences or dramas.

Don’t let social media be a place to garner support, vent frustrations or receive advice. Inviting other peoples’ perceptions or opinions may not be a healthy decision for you or your mediation process.

Only you know your life and your marriage. We are not just looking for a win in mediation; we are looking for a collaborative win so you and your family can move forward together.

If you are thinking of divorcing and would like to discuss my unique divorce mediation process, call me. We can discuss the details of your marriage and if mediation is right for you!

Don’t hesitate to reach out. My consultations, which are free, are informative and comprehensive.

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When it comes to your future and that of your family, select the peaceful path to divorce.

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