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Let Me Show You How to Divorce Without an Attorney!


It’s time to harness the power to manage your own divorce with my groundbreaking psychologically-infused divorce mediation method that approaches divorce both with head (legal) and with heart (emotional).

Why fight and be in unnecessary pain when you can negotiate a settlement that saves you time, money and excessive anguish.

It’s time for a welcomed change to the divorce legal system that does not always work in the best interest of spouses and their families. Mediation is a much better solution when possible.

As a psychologically-trained divorce attorney, mediator and best-selling author, I use psychological training and legal prowess to identify personality issues impacting marriage and placing psychological road blocks to divorce.

Over the last 35 years, drawing on my fundamental legal/psychological techniques,

I have created a highly successful divorce mediation process which uniquely infuses psychology into the divorce process.

During our mediation sessions I will give you the tools and the resources to strategically navigate your divorce with legal understanding, identifying psychological issues, addressing anger, and skillfully helping you choose a healthy path to ending your marriage.

We will discuss:

  1. budgets;
  2. income;
  3. assets;
  4. property;
  5. spousal support;
  6. child support;
  7. visitation;
  8. a family business;
  9. life insurance;
  10. and health insurance.

In some cases we will discuss the third party in your marriage like infidelity, addiction, mental health issues, hiding assets, and sadly for some control and abuse.

We will discuss it all and together select the best strategy and plan for you to divorce with sanity, and dignity while saving money and time.

Following my methods, you will gain valuable legal knowledge, be guided to communicate effectively, encouraged to listen and be counseled to negotiate a divorce that is reflective of the harmonious and peaceful life you wish to create for yourself and your family.

Let me show you how mediation works!

During your free consultation, you will hear about my unique process which is being embraced now more than ever. It’s less expensive, saves time and is non-adversarial.

My mediation process is highly successful and has worked for many couples. Take a look at some of the reviews on my website to see how mediation has helped thousands of couples!

Learning more about my unique psychologically-infused mediation process is only a phone call away!

Our FREE 1 HOUR CONSULTATIONS are very informative and conveniently conducted virtually to reduce risk!

Call me today!

I look forward to speaking with you.

Stay healthy & safe!

Warm regards,


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