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Is Your Marriage at Risk? A Postnuptial Agreement Could Help!


Weddings and the holiday season are upon us and many couples will be blissfully walking down the aisle with love in their hearts and visions of forever!

But as a divorce attorney/mediator for more than 35 years, sadly I know half of these marriages won’t last.

Life has an ugly habit of getting in the way even for couples madly in love and with the best of intentions.

If you are thinking about divorce, but you’re not quite ready to give up on your love and marriage, a postnuptial agreement might just be the remedy to save your marriage!

Postnuptial agreements are executed after you are married and address issues that need definition and discussion. The marriage remains in effect.

If you feel your marriage is at risk, here are my 4 tips for using a postnuptial agreement to give your marriage another chance!

  1. Communication:

Sometimes, marital unrest stems from lack of communication. Considering a postnuptial agreement forces a couple to discuss some of the uncomfortable issues not being addressed in the marriage like household duties, debts, spending habits, assets & infidelity.

  1. Finances & Debt:

Financial stress can derail the best of marriages. If you and your spouse have different spending habits, a postnuptial agreement can address this issue. This is an opportunity to discuss handling finances and debts, especially if a divorce were to occur. Discussing how finances will be handled and how debt will be repaid can take a lot of pressure off a marriage.

  1. Handling a Business:

Some couples go into business tor invest in a business together. If the marriage is to end, spouses will need to figure out how they will move forward with their business relationship and/or how the business with be handled. If one party has a business, it may need to be evaluated.

  1. Lifestyle Clauses:

Sometimes a marriage can be at risk because of

infidelity or other moral behaviors. A couple trying to heal from infidelity

can include in their postnuptial agreement a “lifestyle clause” which imposes some type of penalty should infidelity occur again. Penalties could include financial compensation, or an agreement to attend counseling.

Only you truly know about your marriage. The two of you are in the best position to decide when divorce is right for you. But if your love prevails and saving your marriage is a priority, a postnuptial agreement may be a great alternative to divorce. This is the perfect vehicle to give your marriage another chance!

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