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The Top 10 Reasons for Divorce and Why Marriages Fail!


It’s Spring and lots of couples are getting ready to blissfully walk down the aisle, profess their love, and say, ‘I Do!”

Marriage is a beautiful bond between two people who decide to spend their lives together, but unfortunately, not all marriages have a happy ending.

As a divorce attorney/mediator for more than 35 years, I have heard many unfortunate horror stories from spouses who were once in love and dreamt of a happily ever after, but then things changed.

Divorce is a very common occurrence in today's society, and there are several reasons why marriages fail.

Here are the top 10 reasons for divorce today and why marriages fail. You may want to watch out for these unfortunate red flags!

1. Infidelity

One of the primary reasons for divorce is infidelity. When one partner cheats on the other, it can cause significant trust issues, emotional pain, and damage the relationship irreparably.

2. Communication Breakdown

A lack of communication or ineffective communication is another common reason for divorce. When couples don't talk to each other or express their feelings and emotions, it can lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, and resentment.

3. Financial Issues

Financial problems, such as debt, overspending, or disagreements about money, can strain a marriage to the breaking point. Financial stress can create tensions that can damage the relationship.

4. Differences in Values and Beliefs

When couples have fundamental differences in their values, beliefs, or lifestyle choices, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy relationship. Differences in parenting styles or religious beliefs can cause significant disagreements that can lead to divorce.

5. Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy is a crucial component of a healthy marriage, and when one partner is not interested in or able to engage in intimacy, it can create significant problems in the relationship.

6. Unrealistic Expectations

When couples enter into a marriage with unrealistic expectations, such as expecting their partner to change or fulfill all their emotional needs, it can lead to disappointment, frustration, and ultimately, divorce.

7. Growing Apart

Over time, couples can grow apart, especially if they don't make an effort to maintain the relationship. If they don't spend time together, share common interests, or communicate effectively, they may drift apart and eventually end up divorced.

8. Mental Illness and Addictions

Mental illness, substance abuse, or addiction can put a significant strain on a marriage. The mentally ill or addicted spouse may prioritize themselves over their spouse, leading to conflicts, resentment, and ultimately divorce.

9. Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue that can lead to divorce. Abuse can take many forms, including physical, emotional, and verbal abuse, and can cause long-term damage to the victim's mental and physical health.

10. Infertility

When couples struggle with infertility, it can put a significant strain on their marriage. The emotional and physical toll of infertility can create tensions, lead to conflicts, and ultimately, end in divorce.

Remember, communication, trust, and mutual respect are essential components of a healthy and happy marriage.

If any of the above is happening in your marriage and you are thinking about divorce, call me. We can discuss your options, whether it be mediation, litigation, or negotiation, I can help you! We can talk about the details of your marriage and select the best path for you.

For those of you not quite ready for divorce, there are other options, like a separation or postnuptial agreement.

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