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Ready to leave a Miserable Marriage?


You may be living in an unhappy marriage and just have not gotten the courage to do anything about it. It's easy to keep putting it off because you know it will be unpleasant.

As a medically trained divorce lawyer and mediator who deals with both legal and psychological issues in marriages, I receive calls daily from couples who are suffering greatly in unhappy marriages.

Couples today are living in marriages plagued by verbal abuse, narcissism, infidelity, financial control, and other difficult psychological conditions.

If you are experiencing any of the above, there is something you can do to change your life and move ahead. It is difficult to live under the same roof in an unhappy and unhealthy marriage.

The solution for many couples is my unique psychologically based mediation process. As the mediator I am a neutral party, and I successfully facilitate discussions between couples leading to a separation agreement and divorce.

Even when people are angry at each other, it is possible to engage in mediation with a successful outcome. My psychologically infused mediation process is less painful and quite effective!

During our mediation sessions we will be dealing with dividing property (equitable distribution), asset allocation, deciding whether or not there will be spousal support, children, and how they will be supported and how and where will they spend their time.

The use of mediation in abusive divorce situations gives strength to the abused, provides a worthy opponent (mediator) for the abuser, and the opportunity to peel back the psychological layers of abuse in a compassionate, supportive environment.

I, along with my divorce team, which consists of psychologists, divorce coaches, forensic accountants, private investigators and lots more, can put you in the driver’s seat to remove you from a toxic marriage with comprehensive legal/psychological support.

If your marriage is being plagued by abuse, infidelity, financial control, and other difficult conditions and you just can’t take it anymore, call me.

There is a way out and I will show you how to step into the healthy, happy future you deserve.

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I look forward to working with you!

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