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A Comprehensive Guide: My 9 Most Asked Divorce Questions!


Divorce is sad, frustrating, complex, and an emotionally challenging process that often raises numerous questions for those thinking of going through it.

As a medically trained divorce attorney/mediator, I look at divorce through a unique lens of both legal considerations and psychological and emotional aspects. When speaking with spouses, my goal is to provide valuable insights and practical advice to help them navigate this difficult period with more clarity and confidence.

So let’s take a look at some of the more common divorce questions you may have and the answers you will receive:

1. What are the grounds for divorce?

Divorce laws vary across jurisdictions, but common grounds include irreconcilable differences, adultery, abandonment, cruelty, and imprisonment. I delve into the different grounds for divorce, explain no-fault and fault-based divorce systems, and highlight the importance of consulting with a legal professional to understand the specific laws in your area.

2. How long does the divorce process take?

The duration of the divorce process depends on various factors such as jurisdiction, complexity of issues, and the parties involved. We outline the different stages of the divorce process, from filing the initial paperwork to reaching a settlement or going to trial, and provide an estimated timeline to give you a general idea of what to expect.

3. What is the difference between mediation and litigation?

Mediation and litigation are two common approaches to divorce. I explain the differences between these methods, discussing their pros and cons, and help you determine which approach may be more suitable for your unique circumstances. I also emphasize the importance of considering alternative dispute resolution methods to promote amicable resolutions.

I share information on my psychologically based mediation process, addressing not just the legal aspects of divorce, but the unexpected impact of psychological behaviors and my creative solutions!

4. How is child custody determined?

Child custody is a sensitive and crucial aspect of divorce. I provide an overview of the different types of custody arrangements, discuss factors considered by courts when determining custody, and offer advice on co-parenting strategies and creating a child-centered parenting plan.

5. How are assets divided in a divorce?

The division of assets can be one of the most contentious aspects of divorce. I explain the principles and methods used to divide marital property, discuss the difference between community property and equitable distribution states, and offer suggestions for negotiating a fair settlement.

6. What happens to debts during divorce?

Dealing with debts during divorce can be complicated. I explain the potential implications of debts incurred during the marriage.

7. Can I modify spousal support or child support payments?

Circumstances can often change after divorce, which warrants modifications to spousal support or child support agreements. I outline the requirements and processes for modifying support orders, including the need to demonstrate a significant change in circumstances and the importance of seeking legal advice for proper guidance.

8. How can I protect my interests during the divorce process?

Protecting your interests during divorce is crucial. I offer practical tips for safeguarding your rights, including gathering necessary documentation, seeking legal counsel, how to manage bills, and prioritizing self-care during this challenging time.

10. How can I cope with the emotional challenges of divorce?

Divorce is not only a legal and financial process, but also an emotional journey. I provide guidance on coping with the emotional challenges, including introducing you to mental health specialists who are part of my team. I also suggest you seek support from friends and family while considering therapy or counseling, practicing self-care, and embracing positive coping mechanisms.

So what are your divorce questions? I have lots of answers. Call me today to learn more…

As a medically trained divorce attorney and mediator, my legal advice and psychological training can be a gift for spouses looking for a positive, comprehensive approach to divorce whether negotiating, mediating, or litigating!

If you are ready and eager or scared and confused to divorce let me answer your questions and guide you to the best divorce path for you and your family!

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