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Are You Ready to Divorce Your Controlling Spouse?


During a consultation a few weeks ago, I spoke with a woman in her 40s who tearfully explained she had lost control of her life. Her husband had always controlled the finances, even though she was part owner of their family business. She received a very small salary from the business and her husband paid all the bills. She never saw the bills and had no idea what was spent.

Although they filed joint tax returns, she never saw the details of the returns. Her husband would just put them in front of her and say, “sign.” She had no idea what their business generated financially or about their savings, assets or pensions. He constantly verbally abused her and had no respect for her.

She was raising two sons and no longer wanted to be in a controlling and abusive marriage. She didn’t want her sons to grow up like their father mistreating women. Since she had very little access to money she was afraid she would not be able to support herself or her sons.

As a medially and psychologically-trained divorce attorney and mediator, I quickly realized during the conversation that he was a controlling spouse. He exercised a lot of power and control over her, keeping her trapped and dependent. She was going to need an attorney/mediator with a strong understanding of this type of spouse to get her the best possible outcome and the financial support she and her children deserved.

I assured her I would fight for her and her family and I am doing so. Right now members of my team of experts are evaluating the family catering business and tracking down some of the hidden assets.

If you are in a marriage where you have lost your identity and independence, there is a way out! Let me help you!

Here are 10 signs that you are being controlled by your spouse:

  1. . You don’t have knowledge of financial information including income;
  1. . You have separate bank accounts and savings;
  1. . You are encouraged to stop working;
  1. . You are discouraged from seeing your friends and family;
  1. . You are the object of disparaging and threatening comments;
  1. . You are ordered around;
  1. . You are blamed for everything;
  1. . Your partner checks your personal texts and email;
  1. . You are criticized constantly;
  1. There are frequent jealous accusations.

My unique combination of legal and medical training is very effective when it comes to helping a spouse to gain freedom from a controlling spouse.

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