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Lois Brenner’s Suggested Questions to Ask During Your Free Divorce Consultation!

Lois Brenner’s Suggested Questions to Ask During Your Free Divorce Consultation!

Thinking of divorce? What do you do first?

Going through a divorce is never easy, and it can be overwhelming to navigate the legal process on your own. That's why I have spent over 35 years as a medically trained divorce attorney/mediator educating and coaching spouses on the best ways to divorce. Did you know there is more than just one way to divorce? You can actually divorce without having to go to court!

We offer comprehensive and free consultations to help you understand your options and are happy to guide you towards the best, most informed decisions to help you move forward successfully. Choosing the right divorce path for yourself is the key to less stress, and better results while keeping the family finances in the family.

However, before you come to our free consultation, it's important to prepare yourself with a list of questions that will help you get the most out of your discussion.

Here are 7 of the most important divorce questions to ask during your free divorce consultation!

1. What Are My Legal Options?

Divorce can be a complex legal process, and there are several different paths you can take depending on your situation. You should understand and explore your options, such as mediation, negotiation or traditional litigation. As a medically trained divorce attorney and a mediator with an emphasis on psychology, I can often evaluate the marital dynamics and make recommendations for the process that will best address and support the most productive divorce outcome.

2. How Will Custody of Our Children Be Determined?

If you have children, custody will be one of the most important issues to address during your divorce. Your lawyer can help you understand how custody is determined in your state and what factors will be considered.

3. What Happens to Our Shared Property?

Another important issue to address during your divorce is the division of shared property. This can include everything from the family home to bank accounts and retirement savings. Understanding how property will be divided can help you plan for your financial future.

4. What Are My Financial Obligations After Divorce?

In addition to dividing property, you may also have financial obligations to your spouse after your divorce. This can include alimony, child support, or other payments. Understanding your financial obligations can help you plan for your post-divorce life.

5. How Can I Protect My Interests During the Divorce Process?

Divorce can be emotionally and financially challenging, and it's important to protect your interests throughout the process. Your lawyer can help you understand what steps you can take to protect your assets and your future.

6. What Are My Grounds for Divorce?

Every state has different grounds for divorce, which include reasons such as irreconcilable differences, adultery, and abandonment. Understanding what grounds you have for divorce will help you determine how to proceed with the legal process.

7. How Long Can the Divorce Process Take?

The length of the divorce process can vary widely depending on your specific situation, including factors such as whether you have children or complex assets to divide. Understanding the timeline for your divorce can help you plan for the future.

If you are thinking of divorcing and would like to learn about your divorce options, whether mediation, negotiation or mediation, call me. We can discuss the details of your marriage and select the best path for you in a free, highly informative consultation.

Remember that divorce is a complex legal and emotional process, and it's important to have a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer/mediator on your side to guide you through it.

Call me today and we can discuss the right path for you. My consultations, which are free, are informative and very comprehensive.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you.

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