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Parenting Classes for Divorce


It is my goal as a divorce attorney and mediator to introduce my clients to all the tools necessary to see them through the difficult divorce process with as much support as possible. That is why as part of my evaluation of each divorce case, I sometimes recommend parents go through divorce-parenting classes. These classes focus on the problems that children often face during a divorce and can be extremely helpful.

Many parents are at a loss when it comes to helping their children adjust to a new family situation. Parenting classes teach parents how to communicate with their children in a way that will help avoid emotionally scarring them.

The children of divorced parents often experience self-esteem problems and can be emotionally vulnerable. Their innocent, stable world has just been destroyed and they need all the help they can get to regain stability. Parents playing custody games or other emotional games can strongly effect their child’s development. I urge you not to be one of these parents. Consider parenting classes!

Parenting classes teach:

  1. Children have the right to be treated as are human beings. They have unique feelings, ideas, and desires. They should not be treated as the source of an argument between battling parents.
  2. They have the right to a loving relationship with both parents. They should have the freedom to receive love and express love for both parents.
  3. The right to receive care, discipline, and protection from both parents.
  4. The right to not choose sides.
  5. They should not have to decide where they want to live.
  6. They should be able to express their feelings about the divorce such as anger, sadness or fear.
  7. They should not have to make adult decisions.
  8. They should have the right to remain a child. They should not be asked to take on parental responsibilities.
  9. The right to be adequately supported financially by both parents to the best of the parents’ ability.
  10. The right to not participate in the painful games that parents often play with each other. The right not to be placed in the middle.

If you are going through a divorce, consider parenting classes as a valuable source to help you and your children with the healing process. Parenting classes can be found through your local family court, parenting organizations in your community and some parenting classes are offered online as well.

While going through your divorce, don’t forget to always be a good parent!