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Custody Battle Over a Child Yet to Be Born!


You probably know Sherri Shepard as a comedienne and most notably as a chat host on “The View” on ABC television. Now we know Sherri Shepard as a woman entangled in a divorce war with her TV writer husband Lamar Sally. But more importantly we know Sherri Shepard as a woman who no longer wants the child she and her husband hired a surrogate to carry till birth. For the sake of the child, I would like to suggest they consider mediation.

You can’t make someone be a mom under these circumstances. That would be so bad for the baby. There are many people, including Lamar Sally who would welcome the chance to be a parent. So why not separate the parenting issue from the finances, as much as possible, sit down in a room without two lawyers­ who will start from opposing positions, and find out what each person really wants and needs.

Keep out the judge and the fighting cocks.
Come up with a plan that could work for both of you.
Keep the money in the family. Done!
Take the less aggressive and less expensive approach.

Most people are unaware of the actual definition of custody-it does not mean “where the child lives.”Also, there are infinite permutations and combinations of visitation/time/parenting arrangements that people do not know about. I can help couples out of court and think of creative solutions to solve this often tricky, ugly, and expensive problem.

If you find yourself in a custody battle of any kind, consider mediation.

Call me so I can share with you some creative custody ideas.