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Mistakes Couples Make When Divorcing!


Divorce is not something you planned for when you walked down the aisle. Imagine also having to manage your family and finances during this sad, turbulent time. Now more than ever it’s important to make good, sound decisions!

The problem is many couples do lose sight of their family and finances during a divorce. I encourage clients to stay focused and to address all the important aspects of divorce. Just because the marriage didn’t work out, doesn’t mean your family and finances have to fall apart! Divorce is not a time to think with your heart, it’s a really an important time to think with your head. We can all agree that is easier said than done!

Here’s what I encourage you to keep an eye on:

1) Family:

Family first! Once you have decided to divorce, look at your children first. Always think “in the best interest of the children” as you make your divorce plans. This can include co-parenting, visitation, talking with the children, meeting with a family therapist and most important, reassuring them you both love them and always will. Try not to bad-mouth the other spouse. It will only hurt your child!

2) Finance:

Pay attention to your finances. Now is not the time to seek revenge or get even with one another. Be responsible about the family finances. Don’t start draining bank accounts, or racking up credit card bills. Don’t do something that causes you to spend thousands of dollars on divorce attorneys. You and your family will suffer financially in the end. It’s not worth it.

3) Lifestyle:

You may have grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Now that there will be two households instead of one, that may have to change. Time to look at your budget and make the necessary adjustments. No need to keep things status quo if you can’t afford it. You are already under enough stress!

4) Home:

If you own a home together consider whether keeping it is financially in the best interest of all. Maintaining the family home when one spouse is gone can be stressful and financially difficult. If downsizing or having a tenant helps, consider it. Be creative in how to keep your home.

5) Settlement Agreement:

It’s important to have a really well-executed settlement agreement. Make sure your attorney/mediator has included everything of importance to you. You don’t want to have to go back and forth to court. It’s stressful and costs money!

My unique divorce process can help you make better divorce decisions. Call me if I can help: (646) 663-4546.