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Why Do Divorce Rates Sky-Rocket in February?


Although most people believe February’s most important date is the 14th, when chocolates and gifts are exchanged between lovers, a recent study has shown that divorce has become increasingly popular during the month of February. In fact, data supplied by shows that divorce rates skyrocket by almost 40% during February.

One divorce lawyer from Los Angeles states that there are two major groups of people who file for divorce in February. She states that the first group are those individuals who are just a little late to create and pursue their New Year’s resolutions, which are, often, to become single and move towards healthier and happier relationships. She states the other group is made up of those who wait to see what actions their spouses take on Valentine’s Day, and use these occurrences to reconcile or file for divorce.

Some sources state that other spouses wait to file for divorce until after the holidays because they know that their spouse will receive a monetary bonus, which can improve the income of both parties. Others believe that because many more people file for bankruptcy in the month of January than any other month of the year, more people become increasingly aware of financial problems that often separate couples.

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