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Is Your Spouse A Sociopath?


You would be very surprised to learn that psychological problems plague many divorcing couples today, and they don’t even know it. That is until now! When you look at the complex issues that infect families like verbal and physical abuse, paranoia, bipolar disorder, perpetual lying, controlling behaviors and so on, it is no wonder that couples end up in the offices of divorce attorneys.

But the average divorce attorney is not going to address the underlying psychological issues as part of their legal strategy. Quite frankly, they don’t care to nor do they have the knowledge or skills to do so. Divorce is often the final straw in a battle that is raging in the imbalanced dynamics of the marriage. As you know mental and psychological issues affect more than just the individual. They hurt and sometimes destroy the entire family. That’s why these families need special, skilled attention to obtain a divorce in a safe, strategic and psychologically supportive environment.

Does your spouse exhibit the following:

1. Aggressive, angry behavior, abusive verbally? physically?

2. Poor impulse control, drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual promiscuity?

3. Lack of remorse?

4. Irresponsibility - trouble holding a job, paying bills, non-commital?

5. Deceitful, manipulative?

6. Lying all the time?

7. Hiding financial documents and information?

If you have answered “Yes” to some of the above, your marriage is likely being sabotaged by the difficult and ugly effects of psychological issues. The next step is to decide what to do about it. Sometimes seeing a therapist can address and treat these issues for those of you who would like to save your marriage. I always encourage couples to take this path if their desire is to stay in their marriage. I believe in supporting love and family whenever possible. Staying in the marriage, if these issues exist, requires the support of skilled psychological guidance, willing participants and in some cases medication to make a healthier marriage possible. For those who have decided they cannot survive the devastating effects sociopathic behavior can have on a marriage, I suggest they consider mediation. Mediation with an attorney who is both psychologically skilled at managing this scenario and legally savvy. As a divorce attorney, mediator and psychologically-trained medical professional, the benefit of my guidance is that I will be able to identify and address the psychological issues while guiding you both towards a divorce that can be accomplished amicably, affordably and with the psychological sensitivity required for the family to move on. For the individual in the marriage suffering from mood or personality disorder, there is also an opportunity to receive the guidance and help he or she needs to move towards a psychologically healthier life in the process.

If you find yourself in a marriage dealing with these issues and you can no longer cope, call me. I will help you constructively move towards a healthy resolution using creative legal skills and provide you with a unique psychological sensitivity Call me to discuss the dynamics of your marriage. Take the first step to find a healthy solution! I am here to help. Call 212 734.1551.