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5 Signs You May Be Married to a Sociopath



No one has the perfect marriage. We all struggle with our spouse about something. That’s normal. But when you feel like you are living outside of your own body and life because the person you love and are married to is making you feel that way, take notice. You are not crazy and imagining things. You are probably in a very unhealthy marriage. You may be married to a sociopath who is someone with an antisocial personality disorder.

Does your spouse do strange things like dismiss your feelings when your dad dies, doesn’t offer support or empathy when you lose your job, always makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong, accuses you of abandonment when you spend time with others you love, doesn’t respect your emotional or physical boundaries? Ring a bell?

It should. These are not healthy behaviors. This same person to the outside world appears charming, charismatic, well-liked, seen as the best spouse, parent and member of the community. You however, know someone very different.

As I am introducing and educating more and more people to my psychologically-infused divorce methods I often caution clients that this behavior is a medical issue classified under antisocial personality disorder, it is a very destructive behavior that can have a profound impact on a marriage and destroy everything around it.

Sociopaths have very calculated behaviors and design every situation to fit their needs, and no one else.

In your marriage do you feel ...


Your boundaries are ignored?


Constantly lied to?

Separated from your loved ones?

If you have answered yes to the above, you may be married to a sociopath.

Here are some of the characteristics of a sociopath:

1) Superficially charming;

2) Has an inflated opinion of self;

3) Lies-constantly;

4) Lacks remorse;

5) Has a limited range of feeling;

6) Often lives off others;

7) Can’t control their behavior when challenged.

Generally, sociopaths have no shame, manipulate everyone around them, and can be frightfully aggressive to get what they want. They have no regard for others and are toxic personalities.

If you find yourself in a marriage with a sociopath, Get Out! I can show you how – takes experience, skill and strategy. In my over 35 years’ working with couples and families I have seen few signs that sociopaths can change their ways. This personality disorder drains the life and soul out of the healthy spouse that is trying to navigate a happy, health family life.

Don’t be afraid to take the first step to find out how to help yourself and your family. If I can help you navigate this difficult journey, call me. I can provide you with some solid tools to tackle the delicate divorce from a sociopath. 212.734.1551.