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Why I Suggested My Client Quarantine with His Ex-Wife and Her Boyfriend!


These days, as a divorce attorney and mediator, I help clients virtually using my mediation process, which, especially now, helps clients save money, time and maintain safety. Two weeks ago, I helped a divorced couple with what is by far one of my most unusual mediated cases.

Originally, I worked with this couple to complete their divorce mediation process about 14 months ago. Their mediation went smoothly, they were amicable, agreed to a fair settlement, and made some liberal visitation/co-parenting decisions for their 14 and 15 year old children.

With the recent coronavirus pandemic the ex-husband was faced with an unexpected situation. His wife had recently asked her new boyfriend of 8 months to move in with her and the kids. The boyfriend, over the last 8 months, had quickly become part of the family and the ex-husband and the children were all on board with this arrangement.

Now came the ex-husband’s dilemma. His wife has residential custody. Generally, the children go back and forth between the homes of both the mother and the father. The father wanted to be with his children as much as possible during this pandemic, but did not want his children traveling back and forth between homes. He was concerned for their safety. The couple decided to contact me to help them find a solution.

We had a frank, virtual conversation and we discussed everyone living together to meet the current needs of the family. We talked about the father moving in with the ex-wife, boyfriend and the kids. The family home is a large six bedroom home in Scarsdale, so there is plenty of room. We discussed that these days, it’s time for some families to be open to creating “a new nuclear family” in order to co-parent their children while self-isolating.

We decided together after a few discussions that everyone living together, even with the new boyfriend in the mix, would work. Obviously, this type of arrangement won’t work for everyone. But the magic of mediation is that it gives you room for open discussions and creative decisions.

In addition, we setup some guidelines for everyone living together, discussed financial contributions to the household, and how child support would be handled.

If you find yourself in a difficult or unusual position, whether you are already divorced or thinking of divorce, I can successfully walk you through the options, and help you find solutions.

My unique mediation process really works, especially now!

As a psychologically-trained divorce attorney and mediator (physician assistant as well), I am uniquely prepared to address the emotional, as well as legal aspects of divorce. I know how to think “outside of the box” to find solutions for couples having marriage/family difficulties at this most difficult and unusual time - what seems to be our “new normal."

During this medical crisis our FREE 1 HOUR CONSULTATIONS are conducted virtually by telephone or TeleDivorce by Skype or FaceTime to reduce risk and to continue to maintain safety for everyone!

Call now to book your free consultation. 212.734.1551

I look forward to working with you, and helping you find solutions for you and your family.

Please continue to Stay Home, Stay Healthy & Stay Safe!

Warm regards,