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For Millennials Divorce is a "Simpler" Affair!


I have worked with quite a few millennial couples recently who have embraced their divorce with a maturity and dignity that is new to me.

They enthusiastically embrace mediation because it is amicable, less expensive, and not quite as time consuming as the traditional litigation method. They don’t approach divorce with drama or complications. They show up for their virtual mediation meetings prepared, focused, and emotionally centered.

When I asked a few of my couples why divorce seemed more organized and easier for millennials they told me the following:

  1. Technology allowed them to research options and learn about mediation and litigation, read reviews about lawyers and mediators, and select the best professionals to work with.
  2. They prepare by pulling together what they need to divorce. They go on their phones and download statements, etc., and email them to their lawyers/mediators.
  3. They make decisions and discuss plans with their spouse before contacting a lawyer/mediator.
  4. Their deals are less complicated. Both parties in a millennial marriage are usually financially independent.
  5. They don’t equate failure of marriage as a failure at life--they move on more easily.
  6. Divorce does not feel like the end for them, but a new beginning.
  7. They don’t stay in an unhappy marriage to please anyone. They look for love for a lifetime; they don’t settle.
  8. With dating apps it is much easier to move on and find someone more suited for them.

It would seem many millennial couples make a decision when things are not working out to mutually agree to leave a marriage and find what they want and someone to love them forever.

In summary, divorce for millennials today is simpler and more efficient. Mediation is their preferred divorce path.

For millennials the traditional unhappy marriage model is not acceptable. They refuse to stay in an unhappy marriage. Moving forward and finding their true life’s partner is paramount.

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For more than 35 years I have successfully helped couples end their marriages with dignity, with less drama, and fewer complications.

I champion an amicable, less expensive and more efficient path to divorce.

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