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8 Things to Include in Your Separation Agreement


Are you and your spouse thinking of divorce? Are you familiar with a separation agreement?

The first step in the process of divorce after the couple has negotiated their “deal” is the drafting of a separation agreement. This is a legal document that requires thought, discussions decisions, and details about the management of different aspects and management of your life moving forward.

In my divorce mediation process we will take a look at everything that matters and make decisions on how important aspects of your life will be legally defined. A separation agreement is a legally binding contract that protects you and your children.

Let me explain a little bit about what your separation agreement should include:

  1. equitable distribution of marital property; who will receive what, who will have title, who has exclusive occupancy; if sale of property will occur; how the proceeds will be shared;
  1. equitable distribution as it relates to assets; bank accounts, stocks, bonds, pensions, 401(k)’s, annuities, define how assets will be allocated and split;
  1. who shall receive spousal support, whether there should be any, how much, and for how long;
  1. provisions for children; custody; child support, visitation,
  1. taxes;
  1. debts;
  1. health insurance;
  1. life insurance

For further explanation give me call so you can have an experienced divorce attorney/mediator by your side as you make these important decisions.

With over 35’ years of experience I can provide insight, creative solutions, understanding, and excellent legal skills to develop a solid separation agreement that will help you avoid issues later.

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