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How to Prepare for Your FREE Divorce Consultation!


Divorce is a common occurrence these days. Sadly, an estimated 40-50% of couples divorce.

The problem is no one ever prepares us to get divorced. When faced with the possibility of divorce, we have no choice but to prepare ourselves.

First, I suggest you take a deep breath. Give yourself permission to feel sad, betrayed, angry, even overwhelmed but then shake it off, grab a cup of coffee or chamomile tea, and get ready to empower yourself to take the first important step. And remember, you will be okay. Then…

Choose Your Attorney/Mediator

Go to your computer and look for an experienced, skilled, caring, strategic, and successful divorce attorney that you connect with. These days you have a potpourri of attorneys at your fingertips. Google divorce attorneys in your local area, visit legal resource sites, and read lots of reviews. This is a good start.

Consider a divorce attorney who is also a mediator. There is more than one way to divorce. Fighting is not the only option. If an amicable divorce is preferable follow your intuition and find an attorney/mediator that support this approach.

Once you choose the divorce attorney that you think could best meet your needs based upon looking at their website, reading reviews and doing your research, call and schedule your free consultation.

Schedule a Free Divorce Consultation

You will see many divorce attorneys offer free consultations. Some are 15 minutes, others half an hour and still others one hour consultations. Choose the longest consult you can to get as much information as you can. Why not? I offer up to one hour consultations so a potential client can truly get a comprehensive overview of the divorce process and all the options available. The purpose of the consultations is for you to get as many answers as you can, and for you get a good feel for the chemistry between you and the attorney you are interviewing.

Do you feel heard, are you getting solid advice, does it feel like a good fit? You’ll know if the attorney feels right. And if they don’t, reach out and interview other attorneys. Finding the right fit emotionally and legally will make your divorce easier on you and provide you with the best possible results.

Prepare for Your Consultation

I suggest you make a list of questions that are most important to you. Also be prepared to answer lots of questions the divorce attorney will ask you. The divorce attorney will walk you through the various paths your divorce could take and will also share options with you. Your specific circumstance will dictate the course of the conversation because no two divorces are alike.

Here are some sample questions for you to ask:

  1. Do you practice in divorce and family law primarily?
  2. How experienced are you in this area?
  3. What kind of results do you get when you go to court? Do you prefer to negotiate or to fight?
  4. Will you communicate with me in a timely manner? By phone, email, text?
  5. Will you share everything with me so I can actively participate in the decision making?
  6. Will you respect my wish to handle the case by negotiation vs. fighting or will I need to be guided by how you think it should be handled?
  7. What outcome can I expect for my case?
  8. How is support determined?
  9. How are assets divided?
  10. How is custody of children and visitation determined?
  11. Do I have to leave the marital residence?
  12. How long could my case take?
  13. How much is the hourly rate and the retainer fee?
  14. Do I have to pay the retainer upfront?
  15. What happens if the retainer is not completely used?

For over 35 years as a psychologically-trained divorce attorney and mediator, I have been guiding spouses emotionally and legally to the best divorce path based upon who they are, what they need and what they want.

I provide dozens of free consultations monthly to spouses just like you! If you need help with your divorce, I will be happy to answer all your questions and show you a divorce with dignity is possible.

Call me today!

All our FREE 1 HOUR CONSULTATIONS are very informative and still available virtually.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Warm regards,


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