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Divorcing in 2022?


If you are divorcing in 2022, you are not alone! Divorce rates often rise early in the year and this year is no different.

As a psychologically-trained divorce attorney and mediator, I have been receiving a lot of phone calls this month from many spouses eager to make changes and to begin this New Year with a fresh start.

The pandemic has taken a tragic toll on many marriages both financially and emotionally. One client recently shared with me that his actual New Year’s resolution this year was to divorce!

Once you have decided to leave your marriage, fear, uncertainty and guilt will start to creep in. You will worry if divorce is the right decision, you will feel scared, and you will lie awake worrying about finances. You will feel confused and in decisive.

Divorce is no doubt very difficult to tackle. You will need strength, knowledge, preparation and lots of support.

As a seasoned divorce attorney and mediator, I can help you gain clarity and give you the knowledge and confidence to make all the important decisions regarding your divorce.

So Let’s Get Started:

1. Know Your Options.

There are a few different ways to resolve a divorce in New York. While going to court is one option, it is an approach most spouses prefer to avoid. In some cases, divorcing spouses will be able to negotiate a settlement with the help of their attorneys. For others seeking an amicable, less expensive approach to divorce, mediation is a unique and popular method that keeps the assets of the family in their pockets instead of in the hands of divorce attorneys.

2. Start Making Lists.

Be informed! When going through a divorce, it is important to make informed decisions. Think about what you want? What do you think your spouse will want? Where are the assets? Bank accounts? Life insurance policies and pensions? Make lists and create a picture of what your marriage looks like and what you want your future to look like.

3. Start Copying Your Important Records.

Now is also an excellent time to start copying your important records. This includes things like bank statements, tax returns, deeds, mortgages, car titles and other financial documents.

4. Start to Prioritize.

Think about what is important to you to move forward. You will want to think about:

  • Do you want to fight or try to approach this divorce with compassion?
  • Do you want to continue living in your current home?
  • What marital assets are important to you?
  • Do you want to prioritize protecting your retirement, investment accounts or other financial assets?
  • How important will it be for you to receive spousal support?
  • What do you want from your child custody arrangement?
  • What do you want visitation to look like?

5. Be Prepared For Your Life After Divorce.

Think about what you want your life to look like?

Divorce is a fresh start but also stressful. Think about your future. Prepare a budget. Think about what you want and will need. Even consider working with a therapist during and after the divorce to have some emotional support.

If you are considering filing for divorce in 2022, it takes sophisticated legal advice and a seasoned divorce attorney/mediator to guide you through the complicated divorce process.

Don’t stay in an unhappy, unhealthy marriage that’s just dragging on and on because you are afraid you won’t be able to provide for yourself or your family.

I will explain everything you need to know and help you create the road map that is right for you and your family.

Our FREE 1 HOUR CONSULTATIONS are very informative and conveniently conducted virtually to reduce risk!

I look forward to speaking with you.

Stay healthy and safe!

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