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Have You Been Served With a Summons for Divorce?


As a divorce attorney and psychologically-trained mediator for over 35 years, I will be happy to explain what needs to be done.

I will first tell you that you have been formally put on notice that your spouse has filed a petition for divorce. I will look at the summons to see what your spouse is asking for, like spousal support, child support, distribution of assets, visitation and so on.

I will also tell you that when you are properly served, a (clock) starts ticking in court. In every state, there is a limit to the amount of time you have to file an answer to your spouse's divorce summons. The number of days you have varies from state to state. However, in every state, the countdown begins the day you are served with your divorce papers. In New York State it is 20 or 30 days.

I will also tell you not to be afraid. I am here to help and there are a few ways to respond.

My role as a divorce attorney and psychologically-trained mediator is to be legally informative and emotionally supportive in a sad and difficult time. My role is to pave the path to productive discussions amidst a flurry of very high emotions and to help a spouse make the right decisions.

So if you have been served with a summons, I suggest you do the following:

  1. Speak with a divorce attorney/mediator. Find out what your rights are, and what you are entitled to;
  1. Consider mediation – if your spouse will back down from litigation. Mediation is less stressful, not adversarial, more manageable, amicable, cost effective and less time consuming;
  1. Acknowledge your emotions! They will range from tears, to anger, to wanting revenge. It’s okay to feel sad and hurt!;
  1. Don’t try to hold on to someone who wants out. You don’t need to spend the rest of your life with someone who doesn’t want to be with you. You deserve much better!;
  1. Hire a divorce attorney/mediator who feels right to you. Someone you connect with and who will guide, support and fight for you and your family!

Struggling relationships often end in divorce because the couple has stopped trying and drifted apart. Often there are differing personality and character issues affecting the marriage. Feelings are ignored and more often than not, one spouse wants to stay, while the other spouse wants to go.

When a spouse decides to end a marriage, they have often made this decision in response to abuse, their needs not being met, a breakdown in communication, or simply not wanting to be married any longer.

If you get served with a summons, call me!

I will be happy to speak with you and walk you through your options.

Divorce doesn’t have to be so painful, divisive or expensive!

Having successfully served NYC for over 35 years as an experienced New York divorce attorney and medically-trained mediator, I can tell you a divorce with dignity is possible.

Call me to schedule a free consultation. 212.734.1551.

All our FREE CONSULTATIONS are discreetly and conveniently conducted virtually to reduce risk.

Stay healthy and safe!

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