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8 Signs You Are Being Controlled By Your Spouse!


During a recent phone consultation I spoke with a woman in her 30s who tearfully explained she had no control over her life.

Her husband had multiple separate accounts and wanted to know all about her finances, but would share no information about his money. Constantly told her how to spend her money while saving and hiding his own. Never explained why he was not reachable by phone or text for many hours at a time.

She further explained she just had a baby three months ago and he tells her how and when to breastfeed. He constantly ridicules her mothering skills and her baby weight is a constant part of his ranting and raving, calling her fat and unattractive.

It turns out her husband pays all the bills, which she never sees, and gives her a small allowance for the baby’s needs.

He insisted she give up her career of eight years as a music therapist when she gave birth to their son and gives her very little money for household expenses.

He works at the United Nations, travels often and admits to cheating followed by telling he, “What are you going to do about it?”

When we spoke she was convinced she needed a divorce and didn’t want her child growing up with a controlling, abusive, unattached father.

As a psychologically trained divorce attorney and mediator, I realized during the conversation that he was a controlling and abusive spouse. She had also been forced to become a dependent spouse. She was going to need an attorney/mediator with a strong understanding of this type of spouse to get her the best possible outcome.

I assured her we would fight for her and we are doing so. Right now we are using a member of my team of experts, a private investigator, to track down some of the hidden assets.

If you are in a marriage where you have lost your identity and voice, there is a way out. Don’t just sit there. Take action! I, along with my outstanding team of experts can help!

Here are 8 signs you have a controlling spouse:

  1. You don’t have knowledge of financial information including income;
  1. You have separate bank accounts and savings;
  1. You are encouraged to stop working;
  1. You are discouraged from seeing your friends and family;
  1. You are the object of disparaging and threatening comments;
  1. You are ordered around;
  1. You are blamed for everything;
  1. You are constantly gaslighted!

If you are in a marriage that looks like this, I can help you.

My unique combination of legal and medical training is very effective when it comes to helping a spouse to gain freedom from a controlling spouse.

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I can help you find the strength to move out of a controlling marriage! Call me, and I will help you!

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