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My 5 Spring Cleaning Divorce Tips!


With the change of season comes the deep desire to start getting rid of the old and bring in the new.

Cleaning out the closets, getting organized, opening up the windows, and airing out the house. It feels good!!

For those of you thinking about divorce, this is a productive time to get divorce-ready and organized.

As a divorce attorney/mediator and medical professional for more than 35 years, I have championed many spouses towards divorce using keen legal strategy and psychological insight to get them fair settlements and the best results based upon what they wanted and needed.

To Help You Get Started With Your Divorce Journey, Here Are My 5 Helpful Divorce Tips:

One of the questions I often hear when we schedule a consultation is, what documents do I need?” That’s when people start scrambling to find all their paperwork. So….

1.) Locate and Organize Your Financial Documents

a. make a list of all your financial documents;

b. locate them;

c. make copies.

As part of your divorce preparation, knowing about your finances, and gathering the documents will give you solid knowledge and power.

This will also save you time, expense and anxiety. Once you gather all the documents, make a copy for yourself. You may want to put the copies in a safe place in your home until you are ready to hire a divorce attorney/mediator.

2.) Please Check Your Credit

I’ve seen so many clients get side-swiped by not knowing about their credit. Don’t be one of them. During your marriage you may not have been paying attention to your individual credit. As a woman, if you are going to be newly single after divorce, your credit will be critical to your financial wellness. Please get a copy of your credit report now! This way if there are any discrepancies or issues, you can start working on fixing them.

Also keep a close eye on your joint credit card statements. This is really important especially if you think your spouse is cheating. You may just find purchases your spouse is making for the one he is cheating with. This documentation will be valuable once you get your divorce underway!

3.) Get a Bank Account and Credit Card in Your Name

If you don’t have your own bank account or credit card, you should!

Be discreet. Use a different bank from where you have your joint accounts. Open both a checking and savings account in your name only. Apply to different credit card companies, but do not use your home address, and do so before you will actually need the credit card. All of this can be done online.

4.) Know Your Tax Situation

Divorce will change your future tax status. Divorce may mean a significant change to your income structure. There may be spousal support, capital gains, and sale of investments and assets. Tax considerations account for some of the complexity of dividing assets in divorce.

5.) Put Together Your Divorce Dream Team

Divorce is complex, costly and can be painful. But it doesn’t have to be. Consider a divorce mediator, a financial planner, and a therapist. Select what works best for you. If cost is a consideration, and an amicable approach is possible, strongly consider mediation.

My comprehensive, all inclusive divorce mediation process will help you approach your divorce from many angles with the help of a wide variety of professionals.

Be supported by the smartest and best when it comes to your divorce!

If you find yourself thinking of divorce, get ready, get prepared and call me.

I can answer all your questions and walk you through the process. I know it can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be. I can help!

Take advantage of a free one-hour consultation with me right now!

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Warm regards,


It’s springtime, thinking of divorce? Get ready now and be prepared!

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