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8 Reasons Why High Net Worth Spouses Need a Financially Savvy Divorce Attorney!


Divorce can be a difficult and emotionally charged process for anyone, but for high net worth individuals, the stakes can be even higher.

With larger marital estates and more complex financial assets, divorce proceedings can be more complicated and have greater consequences.

If you are a high net-worth spouse, hiring an financially savvy divorce lawyer will put you in the driver’s seat!

As a seasoned divorce attorney/mediator and financially astute and extremely experienced high net-worth attorney, I have 8 reasons to share with you why you need a financially savvy divorce attorney:

1. Complex financial assets: High net worth individuals often have a range of complex financial assets, including investments, businesses, and multiple properties. It’s important to ensure these assets are fairly divided.

2. Large marital estate: The larger the marital estate, the more complex the division of assets can be. Navigating these complexities and ensuring a fair division of property takes skill.

3. Tax implications: The division of assets in a divorce can have significant tax implications. Knowledge and clever guidance on the tax implications of different property division options is imperative.

4. Business interests: When a high net worth individual owns a business, the divorce proceedings can become complicated. It’s important to protect the spouse’s business interests and ensure a fair settlement.

5. Protecting premarital assets: High net worth individuals may have assets they owned before the marriage, and it is important to ensure that these assets are protected in the divorce settlement.

6. Estate planning: Estate planning can be a complicated matter in the midst of a divorce. A highly skilled divorce attorney can help ensure that estate planning considerations are addressed and integrated into the divorce settlement.

7. Retirement assets: Retirement assets can be a significant part of the marital estate and require special consideration in a divorce. It’s important to ensure that retirement assets are divided equitably.

8. International considerations: A high net worth spouse may have assets and interests in multiple countries, which can make divorce proceedings more complex. A highly skilled divorce attorney can help navigate these international considerations and ensure a fair settlement.

Since asset division is key in a high net worth divorce, you will need a divorce attorney, who is skilled with asset valuations, interpretation of shareholder agreements, and the intricacies of dividing investment portfolios and stock options.

If you have a high net worth divorce that requires smart decisions to manage sensitive details call me, I will handle your divorce with expertise and ensure you get the best results.

You may already be working with a tax attorney for help with your business matters. But in your divorce, you will also need a divorce specialist to guide you through the complexities of marital asset division, child custody, spousal support, and child support.

I can also advise you on the best method for your divorce process whether it be litigation or divorce mediation.

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