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The Psychological Benefits of Using Mediation as Your Divorce Path!


Mediation is a process in which a neutral third-party helps individuals in conflict to communicate and reach a mutually agreed upon solution. This alternative dispute resolution method has become increasingly popular for those considering divorce, as it offers many benefits over traditional litigation.

Mediation has a positive impact on the psychological well-being of those traveling the divorce path.

As a medically trained divorce attorney and mediator for more than 35 years, I encourage many of my clients to consider the powerful divorce process of mediation.

The legal benefits of mediation are productive and positive, and the psychological benefits are healthy and healing.

Let me share with you the psychological benefits of mediation.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

The divorce process can be emotionally draining and stressful. Mediation provides a supportive and non-threatening environment that allows individuals to express their thoughts and feelings and work towards a resolution. The process helps to reduce anxiety and stress by allowing the parties to have more control over the outcome of their case as opposed to leaving it in the hands of a judge.

Promotes Healing and Closure

Mediation allows individuals to be heard and to have their needs and concerns addressed. This process can provide closure and help heal the emotional wounds caused by the conflict. By focusing on the future, individuals are able to put the past behind them and move on with their lives.

Encourages Empathy and Understanding

In mediation, individuals are encouraged to listen to each other’s perspectives and try to understand each other’s needs. This can lead to a greater understanding for one another, which can have a positive impact on the co-parenting relationship and reduce the chances of future conflicts.

Improves Communication Skills

Mediation provides individuals with the opportunity to practice effective people skills, which can help to improve their overall communication abilities. This can be especially helpful in the context of co-parenting, as it can lead to more effective communication between the parents and a more positive relationship between the parents and the children.

Mediation can offer numerous psychological benefits to individuals going through a divorce. By reducing stress and anxiety, promoting healing and closure, encouraging empathy and understanding, and improving communication skills, individuals are better equipped to handle the challenges of the divorce process and move on with their lives in a healthy and positive manner.

As a medically trained divorce attorney and mediator, I can tell you the many benefits of mediation both legally and psychologically are a true gift for spouses looking for a positive, non-adversarial, less expensive approach to their divorce.

If you are ready and eager to be productive, peaceful and powerful during your divorce, consider mediation, and let me coach you through the process.

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